Doctrine Project

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115 of 15 as at: 06/Oct/15 12:40 PM
T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug MODM-70

Updates of documents after read

Bulat Shakirzyanov Thomas Adam Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-67

EmbeddedDocument - no LifecycleCallbacks

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Adam Critical Closed Invalid  
Bug MODM-120

[Configuration] problem with changing the defaultDB

Jonathan H. Wage jules b Major Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-109

Reference with Inheritance: Proxy error: 'document with identifier .. could not be found'

Jonathan H. Wage jules b Major Closed Invalid  
Bug MODM-103

@File tag support in xml notation

Jonathan H. Wage Vitaliy Kaplich Major Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-98

Partial UnitOfWork clear on runtime defaultDb change

Jonathan H. Wage Vladimir Razuvaev Major Closed Invalid  
Bug MODM-96

YamlDriver Symfony Components Namespace Issue

Jonathan H. Wage Nashad Alam Major Closed Invalid  
Bug MODM-95

Persisting a document that had embedded documents prior to being removed results in a document with no embedded documents

Jonathan H. Wage Jay Severson Major Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-90

UnitOfWork incorrectly flushes certain documents with embedded documents on first flush

Jonathan H. Wage Ryan Weaver Major Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-83

UnitOfWork incorrectly updates all documents with embedded documents on flush

Bulat Shakirzyanov Justin Hileman Major Closed Fixed  
New Feature MODM-73

Neo4j (Graph oriented Database)

Jonathan H. Wage Alexandre Emeriau Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement MODM-31

Cannot use a document against multiple classes

Jonathan H. Wage Scott Aubrey Major Closed Invalid  
Bug MODM-20

SINGLE_COLLECTION inheritance does not work

Jonathan H. Wage Okapi Major Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-18

All Document object properties are persisted regardless of mapping instructions.

Jonathan H. Wage Rabbit Major Closed Fixed  
Bug MODM-111

Trouble with MappedSuperclass/Single collection inheritance and commit 2e8071a4dc68b027f969

Jonathan H. Wage JF Bustarret Minor Closed Invalid