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Bug DMIG-49

ManyToMany relation - false positives migrations:diff indexes

Benjamin Eberlei Michał Bundyra Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-48

DB2 Migrations Error - SQL0206N

Benjamin Eberlei Matias Blanco Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-46

Wrong quotes escaping in diff migrations with Postgresql database

Benjamin Eberlei Yevgenii Kolakovskiy Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-41

Diff generated even if nothing changed (with solution)

Benjamin Eberlei And Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-37

PostgreSQL generated SQL statements in migrations that use doublequotes create syntax errors in PHP

Benjamin Eberlei jos de witte Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-36

Iterating over versions is very slow

Benjamin Eberlei Eric Durand-Tremblay Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-35

Ignoring unique key

Benjamin Eberlei venu Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DMIG-30

Make :migrations:diff smart and generate Schema object changes, not SQL directly

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DMIG-29

Add callback operation

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DMIG-28

Interactive :migrate execution: Show all commands that would be executed when pressing [y]

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DMIG-27

Add stack for operations

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DMIG-26

Remove implicit schema diff to sql in Migration tasks for explicit solution

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-24

False positives in Comparator on default values

Benjamin Eberlei Yaroslav Zenin Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-21

Call to undefined method Doctrine\DBAL\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command\StatusCommand::getApplication()

Benjamin Eberlei Lee Feistel Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-19

migrations diff with columnDefinition

Benjamin Eberlei arnaud-lb Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-18

diffing causes lots of false positives (on postgresql)

Benjamin Eberlei Lukas Kahwe Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-17

bug in reverting migrations

Benjamin Eberlei Stepan Tanasiychuk Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DMIG-8

MySQL + Doctrine 2 + Column of type decimal with no precision or scale manually set results in infinite migration diffs generated

Benjamin Eberlei Daniel Cousineau Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DMIG-6

Put Migrations under own namespace to avoid problems with Autoloader

Benjamin Eberlei Marcus Stöhr Major Open Unresolved