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Doctrine 2 - ORM
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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug DDC-2285

Repeating the same query with different parameter value returns the same results

Marco Pivetta Mehdi Bakhtiari Critical Closed Invalid  
Bug DDC-2036

indexBy breaks cascade remove

Fabio B. Silva James Bench Critical Closed Can't Fix  
New Feature DDC-2404

Filter using join tables

Benjamin Eberlei Filip Procházka Major Closed Won't Fix  
Bug DDC-2399

unserializing returns proxyclass name with slashes

Marco Pivetta Quintenvk Major Closed Invalid  
Improvement DDC-2378

Efficient count using Selectable

Marco Pivetta Michaël Gallego Major Closed Duplicate  
Documentation DDC-2358

[GH-621] [doc] adding some more doc and examples for lifecycle event listeners and subscribers

Guilherme Blanco Benjamin Eberlei Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DDC-2317

[UnitOfWork] Entity in identityMap but not present in entityIdentifiers

Marco Pivetta Rémi Piotaix Major Closed Invalid  
Bug DDC-2244

One-To-Many Cascade saving not working properly

Marco Pivetta Paweł Łaskarzewski Major Closed Invalid  
Bug DDC-2177

WHERE IN not working

Benjamin Eberlei Moritz Kraft Major Closed Invalid  
Task DDC-1628

onUpdate parameter on @JoinColumn not supported

Marco Pivetta Chris Richard Major Closed Invalid  
New Feature DDC-2398

Add a "use namespace" like feature to DQL to have short/reusable entity classname

Marco Pivetta David Berlioz Minor Closed Invalid  
Improvement DDC-1931

Cache $oid and $className through method calls in UoW internals

Marco Pivetta Marco Pivetta Minor Closed Invalid  
Bug DDC-1359

Deleting and inserting with unique index

Marco Pivetta Rafal Radulski Minor Closed Invalid