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Improvement DDC-2316

[GH-588] ClassMetadataInfo: use reflection for creating new instance (on PHP >=5.4)

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2133

Issue with Query::iterate and query mixed results

Benjamin Eberlei Oleg Namaka Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DDC-2089

Modify OneToMany to allow unidirectional associations without the need of a JoinTable

Benjamin Eberlei Enea Bette Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-1314

DQL permits partial select using SQL

Benjamin Eberlei Daniel Beresh Minor Resolved Duplicate  
Improvement DDC-536

Remove the _ prefix from private and protected members

Guilherme Blanco Roman S. Borschel Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DDC-274

Class and namespace naming inconsistency

Guilherme Blanco Glen Ainscow Critical In Progress Unresolved