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Doctrine 2 - ORM
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T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due
Bug DDC-1985

Call to undefined method ProxyException::proxyDirectoryNotWritable

Guilherme Blanco Mark van der Velden Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DDC-1919

Doctrine fails to escape entity with reserved name in various situations

Benjamin Eberlei Klaus Silveira Major Closed Invalid  
Bug DDC-1915

[GH-396] DDC-1893 - Updating configuration to reflect latest Doctrine Common changes

Marco Pivetta Benjamin Eberlei Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DDC-1900

Impossibility to override built-in SQL functions

Benjamin Eberlei Alex Oroshchuk Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DDC-1843

CLONE -Join columns can't be quoted

Fabio B. Silva Marc Easen Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DDC-1591

Paginator: ResultVariable cannot be used in HavingClause

Benjamin Eberlei Christian Raue Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DDC-1931

Cache $oid and $className through method calls in UoW internals

Marco Pivetta Marco Pivetta Minor Closed Invalid