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Bug DDC-1024

the EntityGenerator generate getters and setters for properties of the parent class

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1034

Registered lifecycle callbacks of derived classes have unexpected call sequence

Benjamin Eberlei Bart Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1056

Using the StaticPHPDriver throws PHP Error Undefined property: Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\Driver\StaticPHPDriver::$_classNames

Benjamin Eberlei Steven Rosato Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1041

UnitOfWork tryGetById method is always called with the rootEntityName

Benjamin Eberlei Couragier S├ębastien Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1033

Cloned proxies show unexpected behavior when initialized

Benjamin Eberlei Karsten Dambekalns Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1026

Doctrine Cache

Benjamin Eberlei Bertrand Zuchuat Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1036

the Aggregate Expressions "AVG" | "MAX" | "MIN" | "SUM", should be followed by SimpleArithmeticExpression

Benjamin Eberlei Jison Xiao Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1023

the EntityGenerator duplicates the property when using annotations

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1030

Issue with parseTokensInEntityFile() and multiple levels of namespace

Benjamin Eberlei Jonathan H. Wage Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-953

CLI tools orm:generate-entities --regenerate-entities=1 flag will generate empty entities 50% of time.

Benjamin Eberlei Flyn San Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1018

INDEX BY does not work in JOIN clauses

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DDC-1009

Allow using an annotation namespace in the EntityGenerator

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1006

Entity Generator Regenerate If Not New

Benjamin Eberlei Stephen Walker Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1002

bug in generate entities with many2many relationships from xml/yml shcemes

Benjamin Eberlei Stepan Tanasiychuk Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1008

Entity Generator Stub Method For Id Generator

Benjamin Eberlei Stephen Walker Major Resolved Fixed