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Improvement DCOM-68

Add @codeCoverageIgnoreStart and @codeCoverageIgnoreEnd to annotation ignore map

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DCOM-62

Github-PR-53 by shawndellysse: ArrayCollection#join

Guilherme Blanco Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug DCOM-57

Doctrine\Common\Cache\AbstractCache::deleteAll() does not take the namespace into account

Guilherme Blanco Eric Durand-Tremblay Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DCOM-47

When using different class loaders

Guilherme Blanco Gediminas Morkevicius Major Resolved Cannot Reproduce  
Bug DCOM-40

Using shared references with the SharedFixtureInterface with the DataFixtures extension will not work.

Guilherme Blanco Steven Rosato Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DCOM-37

orm:convert-d1-schema not working

Guilherme Blanco Jon Johnson Minor Resolved Invalid