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Bug DC-952

Non-Equal Nest Relations Not Working - from "Children" side

Jonathan H. Wage Paweł Barański Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-860

0 down vote favorite In some circumstances Doctrine_Core::getTable('%Name%') returns Doctrine_Table instance instead of %Name%Table one.

Jonathan H. Wage Hong Kil Dong Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-313

Ordering m2m relationship with column from related table (with orderBy option)

Jonathan H. Wage Maciej Hołyszko Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1050

Doctrine_Relation_ForeignKey ignores ATTR_COLL_KEY attribute

Jonathan H. Wage Uli Hecht Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1057

Inserts instead of updates for related objects

Roman S. Borschel Grzegorz Godlewski Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1056

Doctrine is not compatible with PHP 5.4 due to change in serialize() behaviour.

Jonathan H. Wage Marcin Gil Major Open Unresolved  
Sub-task DC-958

DC-952 updating Models with Intra-Table Relations cascades strangely

Jonathan H. Wage Daniel Reiche Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-925

missing hasOne() method-call in many-to-many relation

Roman S. Borschel Simon Schick Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-888

Foreign key id columns do not respect ATTR_DEFAULT_IDENTIFIER_OPTIONS

Jonathan H. Wage Tom Boutell Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-880

Versionable + I18n creates additional migration with irrelevant data

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-845

One of our Foreign Keys is not being inserted/passed

Jonathan H. Wage charles wisniewski Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-835

Inconsistent record validation on a notnull foreign key when the local relation is set

Jonathan H. Wage Adam Huttler Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-797

Records containing a one-to-one relation are hydrated as dirty/modified

Jonathan H. Wage Dominic Scheirlinck Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-774

Cannot fromArray a toArray with many to many records

Jonathan H. Wage Jeff Chu Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-742

Add support for relations consist on two or more fileds

Jonathan H. Wage Tomasz Kuter Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-684

After adding a Reference, the ForeignKeys in the DB are not updatet

Jonathan H. Wage Lars Kosubek Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-666

Unable to create relations with several fields

Jonathan H. Wage Pavel Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-652

unidirectionnal hasMany definition

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-651

[PATCH] Doctrine_Record::option('orderBy', ...) of join's right side being applied to refTable in m2m relationship

Guilherme Blanco suhock Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-637

Many-to-many: Using Association Class (refclass) property in query adds leftJoin

Guilherme Blanco Pablo Grass Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-628

Two queries on the same table seems to share set of fields

Jonathan H. Wage Vlatko Basic Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-601

When using a join and giving an alias to each select column the hyrdrator only returns one row.

Guilherme Blanco will ferrer Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-587

Problem with non equal self referencing many to many relations

Jonathan H. Wage Nil Null Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-502

sometimes not all the constraints are created for a many to many relation

Jonathan H. Wage Papp Richard Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-436

Change in 1.2 to Doctrine_Event::skipOperation() functionality

Jonathan H. Wage Cameron Ross Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DC-442

Refined definition of relations regarding "copy()" cloning behaviour

Jonathan H. Wage Raphael Schumacher Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-447

Problem linking many-to-many relationships

Jonathan H. Wage Rytis Daugirdas Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-443

Incorrect insert order in i18n entities

Jonathan H. Wage Rodrigo Borrego Bernabé Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-290

Relations need alias

Jonathan H. Wage Christian Jaentsch Major Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DC-362

Doctrine fails to create correct table structure if model is named "User"

Jonathan H. Wage Michael Henriksen Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-329

Problem saving Self Referencing (Nest Relations)

Jonathan H. Wage Jaime Suez Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-993

Many-to-many Relation defined one way

Roman S. Borschel Klaas van der Weij Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-891

[PATCH] Relation array as the result of Doctrine_Table::bind()

Roman S. Borschel Eugene Leonovich Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-776

$record->link('Alias', $id) throws an exception because of getIdentifier returns array, not string

Jonathan H. Wage Viktoras Bezaras Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-560

Object1->Unlink(Relation, Id2) doesn't work, if primary key order in table of m2m reference isnt 1:Object 2: Id to unlink, when relation set to EQUAL= TRUE

Jonathan H. Wage Mariano Ramon Minor Reopened Unresolved  
Improvement DC-1032

[PATCH] Doctrine_Collection::isModified() does not support deep like Doctrine_Record but probably should

Roman S. Borschel Christian Roy Trivial Open Unresolved  
Task DC-730

"// ?? should this not be $this->_table->getComponentName() ??" in Doctrine/Relation/Parser.php

Roman S. Borschel Guilliam X Trivial Open Unresolved