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Bug DC-952

Non-Equal Nest Relations Not Working - from "Children" side

Jonathan H. Wage Paweł Barański Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-770

Result Cache

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-313

Ordering m2m relationship with column from related table (with orderBy option)

Jonathan H. Wage Maciej Hołyszko Blocker Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-857

postHydrate not called for One to One relations, when ATTR_HYDRATE_OVERWRITE == false, and the record is cached in the table's identityMap

Jonathan H. Wage Ben Davies Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-815

Model's default sorting breaks subqueries

Guilherme Blanco Jacek Jędrzejewski Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-725

Call record->get('RelationManyToManyName', FALSE) corrupt the record and generate a exception when calling record->save()

Jonathan H. Wage David Jeanmonod Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-489

Doctrine_Record seems to have a bug with default values when updating

Jonathan H. Wage Silver Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-371

Lazy loading - doctrine makes extra queries into db

Jonathan H. Wage Roman Drapeko Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1060

Datetime Fomatting not working on findId in DB2 Platform

Jonathan H. Wage Preethi Srinivasan Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1056

Doctrine is not compatible with PHP 5.4 due to change in serialize() behaviour.

Jonathan H. Wage Marcin Gil Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1011

wierd behaviour with setTableName - table name doesn't get set

Jonathan H. Wage Justinas Major Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DC-979

Doctrine save() only checks one level deep on one-to-one relations.

Jonathan H. Wage Robert Cesaric Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-967

Problems with fetchArray() combined with leftJoin() by using aliases of columns

Guilherme Blanco Arnoldas Lukasevicius Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-961

Copy uses mutators but does not use accessors

Jonathan H. Wage Paul Jones Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-934

One-to-one relationship with cascading deletion and softdelete creates empty records

Jonathan H. Wage Rich Sage Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-908

Can't save Doctrine Expression AES_ENCRYPT into a utf8_general_ci field

Jonathan H. Wage dquintard Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DC-912

A method that can run in a model when the model is autoloaded

Jonathan H. Wage will ferrer Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-893

Using default value for bigint fields generates an error

Jonathan H. Wage Dan Osipov Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-884

Doctrine_Collection::loadRelated uses getLocal instead of getLocalFieldName

Jonathan H. Wage Jason Brumwell Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-882

Doctrine Collection FromArray doesn't adhere to KeyColumn

Jonathan H. Wage Jason Brumwell Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-887

disabling deep option with toArray() drops relations in result

Jonathan H. Wage Lex Brugman Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-845

One of our Foreign Keys is not being inserted/passed

Jonathan H. Wage charles wisniewski Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-835

Inconsistent record validation on a notnull foreign key when the local relation is set

Jonathan H. Wage Adam Huttler Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-814

protected method _isValueModified returns wrong result

Jonathan H. Wage Michał Strzelecki Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-810

Doctrine relations: Doctrine_Record::fromArray() does not update local field when new linked record is created

Jonathan H. Wage Paolo Agostinetto Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-797

Records containing a one-to-one relation are hydrated as dirty/modified

Jonathan H. Wage Dominic Scheirlinck Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-774

Cannot fromArray a toArray with many to many records

Jonathan H. Wage Jeff Chu Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-704

Where fields not escaped properly when deleting associations.

Jonathan H. Wage Glenn R. Martin Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-684

After adding a Reference, the ForeignKeys in the DB are not updatet

Jonathan H. Wage Lars Kosubek Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-649

Getting Doctrine_Validator_Exception on Doctrine_Record::replace() when using unique

Jonathan H. Wage p4l Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-635

synchronizeWithArray and link-table

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-619

preHydrate/postHydrate events do not use proper sub-class component

Jonathan H. Wage Matt Lehner Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-589

refreshRelated() causes an id to be changed from string to int, causing an unnecessary update query.

Jonathan H. Wage Emil Vladev Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-541

MSSQL Server: Enabling MARS prevents the saving of records.

Jonathan H. Wage Craig Marvelley Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-476

PHP's is_subclass_of function causing failure in some contexts

Jonathan H. Wage Peter Chapman Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-478

Having a default value in a decimal field in base class forces Doctrine to try to save an instance even if not required.

Jonathan H. Wage Bryan Zarzuela Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-453

Joined records stated as dirty (whereas they are not modified)

Jonathan H. Wage Benoît Guchet Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-326

Running out of memory while executing single record lookup.

Jonathan H. Wage Alex Agulyansky Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DC-280

Add pre/postHydrateResultSet() events

Jonathan H. Wage Adam Jensen Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1044

record Line 2430 Unlink method Warning: Illegal offset type in sfDoctrinePlugin/lib/vendor/doctrine/Doctrine/Record.php on line 2459

Jonathan H. Wage Kyle Clarke Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1018

Circular references to named entities break during data importing

Jonathan H. Wage Mike Seth Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-950

Doctrine_Record magic _set() doesn't validate field type for timestamp/datetime/etc..

Jonathan H. Wage Gennady Feldman Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-852

CLONE -Fix returned type value : SQL integers to PHP integers when getting a value from the database.

Jonathan H. Wage Enrico Stahn Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-776

$record->link('Alias', $id) throws an exception because of getIdentifier returns array, not string

Jonathan H. Wage Viktoras Bezaras Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-749

Doctrine_Record#getMutators() triggers PHP notice

Jonathan H. Wage Guilliam X Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-686

postHydrate listener isn't called for related records

Jonathan H. Wage Cameron Ross Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-642

import/export Array

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-418

Inherited models creating NOT NULL restrictions on their parents

Jonathan H. Wage luke scott Minor Open Unresolved