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Bug DC-1050

Doctrine_Relation_ForeignKey ignores ATTR_COLL_KEY attribute

Jonathan H. Wage Uli Hecht Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-949

(patch)allow Native floats and double precision field types for MySQL, Oracle, Pgsql

Jonathan H. Wage Max Blackmer Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DC-903

Make Doctrine_Record_UnknownPropertyException error more descriptive

Jonathan H. Wage Jason Swett Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-834

When altering an existing column PGSQL can't convert to SERIAL for autoincrement

Jonathan H. Wage webPragmatist Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-383

Migrations not respecting ATTR_TBLNAME_FORMAT

Jonathan H. Wage Karma Dordrak (Drak) Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-388

Conservative loading not working

Benjamin Eberlei Karma Dordrak (Drak) Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1006

Custom geometric query error with orderBy

Jonathan H. Wage Leonardo Lazzaro Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-852

CLONE -Fix returned type value : SQL integers to PHP integers when getting a value from the database.

Jonathan H. Wage Enrico Stahn Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-710

doctrine:build-model does not create phpdoc for doctrine builtin attributes (sluggable, timestampable, id)

Jonathan H. Wage Kevin Hatry Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-418

Inherited models creating NOT NULL restrictions on their parents

Jonathan H. Wage luke scott Minor Open Unresolved