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Bug DC-743

Incompatibilty between fixture import and accessors extends

Jonathan H. Wage Brice Favre Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-735

Imported objects not converted to objects and parsed as string when a setter method exists

Jonathan H. Wage Kevin Dew Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1065

Jonathan H. Wage BizLogic Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1045

data-load with invalid filename leads to purging of all the data in the database

Jonathan H. Wage Keszeg Alexandru Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1036

Doctrine_Export_Oracle::alterTable() not properly quoting column identifier for change

Jonathan H. Wage John Kary Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1026

PgSQL driver does not create indexes on foreign key columns

Jonathan H. Wage Szurovecz János Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1004

ATTR_TBLNAME_FORMAT not used when creating models from database

Jonathan H. Wage Robin Parker Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1013

[PATCH] Doctrine ignores unique option for integers (PostgreSQL)

Jonathan H. Wage Eugene Leonovich Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-994

Doctrine_Data_Import creates unnecessary transactions, big slowdown

Jonathan H. Wage Krzysztof Bociurko / ChanibaL Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-955

Loading fixtures containing data for Versionable/Searchable Models fails due to Duplicate-Key errors

Jonathan H. Wage Daniel Reiche Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-941

Spatial index type for mysql

Jonathan H. Wage Mishal Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-919

Import/Pgsql.php: listTableColumns - SQL failure with PostgreSQL

Jonathan H. Wage Christian Vogel Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-898

(PATCH) Migration fails when addColumn with type 'boolean' used with default value, resulting in incorrect 'ALTER TABLE' query in MySQL

Jonathan H. Wage Jakub Argasiński Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-892

Typo. in Import/Pgsql.php

Jonathan H. Wage Nicolas Ippolito Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-871

When importing fixtures some times the fixtures will be loaded in the wrong order causing broken foreign key relations

Jonathan H. Wage will ferrer Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-865

Models that extend a baseclass other than Doctrine_Record treat that baseclass as if it were a model

Jonathan H. Wage will ferrer Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-831

Importing fixtures fails when GoogleI18n used with "Couldn't create collection index. Record field 'lang' was null."

Jonathan H. Wage Jakub Argasiński Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-798

Change column Postgres

Jonathan H. Wage Lea Haensenberger Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-793

import->listTableColumns / export->alterTableSql issues

Jonathan H. Wage Karma Dordrak (Drak) Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-789

Better documentation for the generated getInstance method in generated *Table.class.php files

Jonathan H. Wage Christoph Berg Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-783

Doing introspection of postgres datagbases with sequences for columns does not generate 'nextval(sequence_name)::regclass' for default value

Jonathan H. Wage Dennis Gearon Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-733

Length validator fail because it was bad initialized

Jonathan H. Wage Pierre Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-724

Blameable relations import problem

Jonathan H. Wage Gordon Franke Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-708

Wrong definition for MySQL string primary column

Jonathan H. Wage Claudio Nicora Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-689

Columns of type 'array' adds default clause to the create table statement which isn't supported by MySQL.

Jonathan H. Wage Daniel Holmstrom Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-655

When Export from Models to database is made some constraints may not be created

Jonathan H. Wage Oleg Stepura Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-615

New sequence generation for PostgreSQL SQL code results in errors

Jonathan H. Wage Maurice Makaay Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-502

sometimes not all the constraints are created for a many to many relation

Jonathan H. Wage Papp Richard Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-473

createIndexSql() and dropIndexSql() use different index names (formatter) on MySQL and Postgres

Jonathan H. Wage Michael Piecko Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-368

createTablesFromModels() wants to create already existing FOREIGN KEY constraints

Jonathan H. Wage Mike Reiche Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-321

Doctrine/Import/Mssql.php does not handle default values

Jonathan H. Wage aiso haikens Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1005

Schema importer sometimes overwrites relations (instead of adding them) due to issue with bugfix DC-281

Jonathan H. Wage Pelle ten Cate Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-987

redundant sql statement in Doctrine_Export_Oracle::_makeAutoincrement()

Jonathan H. Wage David Dixon Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-864

Generating YAML schema from model should pick up also charset, collate and other options

Jonathan H. Wage Peter Helcmanovsky Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-780

Foreign key creation fails with MySQL 5.0.44

Jonathan H. Wage Claudia Kosny Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-737

generateModelsFromYaml with (generateTableClasses = true) doesn't generate tables classes if (generateBaseClasses = false)

Jonathan H. Wage Guilliam X Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-457

Generating YAML schema from DB breaks on certain table names

Jonathan H. Wage Ari Pringle Minor Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DC-1029

Extensions of Doctrine_Template_I18n incompatible with Doctrine_Import

Jonathan H. Wage Pierrot Evrard Trivial Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-784

Removed unuseful code

Jonathan H. Wage Claudio Nicora Trivial Open Unresolved