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Roman S. Borschel
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Improvement DC-963

Doctrine cache - Salt dissociation

Roman S. Borschel Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1057

Inserts instead of updates for related objects

Roman S. Borschel Grzegorz Godlewski Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-1015

bindComponent not called before inherited classes base definitions

Roman S. Borschel Adrian Nowicki Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-999

Query cache key can be incorrectly generated

Roman S. Borschel Jakub Zalas Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-971

Tree result sets hydrators are checking for column level not field level

Roman S. Borschel Miloslav "adrive" Kmet Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-946

Oracle Doctrine_RawSql()->count() generates illegal SQL

Roman S. Borschel Lars Pohlmann Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-925

missing hasOne() method-call in many-to-many relation

Roman S. Borschel Simon Schick Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-924

type mismatch for keyfield in column aggregation

Roman S. Borschel Arnaud Morvan Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-902

Xcache Cache Driver is not documented

Roman S. Borschel Piotr LeszczyƄski Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-870

NestedSet not moving children of child nodes correctly

Roman S. Borschel Ashley Broadley Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-829

Hydrator/RecordDriver/setLastElement And APC useResultCache

Roman S. Borschel PIERRONT Julien Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-812

Postgresql and query cache

Roman S. Borschel admirau Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-807

Equal nest relation uses incorrect SQL and returns incorrect data

Roman S. Borschel Denis Chmel Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-1061


Roman S. Borschel fernando guerrero Major Open Unresolved  
Documentation DC-1001

Doctrine Caching page does not mention the "prefix" option

Roman S. Borschel Arend van Waart Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-993

Many-to-many Relation defined one way

Roman S. Borschel Klaas van der Weij Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-945

Doctrine_Query::create()->where('table.field =') unexpectedly returns a result

Roman S. Borschel John Huijbers Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-905

Fields with foreign key shouldn't require definition

Roman S. Borschel Alaattin Kahramanlar Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-891

[PATCH] Relation array as the result of Doctrine_Table::bind()

Roman S. Borschel Eugene Leonovich Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-890

public function detach break the nested set tree [patch attached]

Roman S. Borschel Alexandre PAIXAO Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-781

Column order in generated SQL is based on relationships, instead of SELECT clause

Roman S. Borschel Prasad Gupte Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-752

Data type "decimal" can be unsigned in MySQL 5.0

Roman S. Borschel Ilya Sabelnikov Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-607

Doctrine concrete inheritance link between tables

Roman S. Borschel Julien Chiron Minor Open Unresolved  
New Feature DC-497

A new task to set migration to a certain version

Roman S. Borschel Stephen Ostrow Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-464

[Inheritance] Couldn't save record with inheritance by a relationship if the record has no column modified (solution proposed)

Roman S. Borschel Colin Darie Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-1032

[PATCH] Doctrine_Collection::isModified() does not support deep like Doctrine_Record but probably should

Roman S. Borschel Christian Roy Trivial Open Unresolved  
Task DC-730

"// ?? should this not be $this->_table->getComponentName() ??" in Doctrine/Relation/Parser.php

Roman S. Borschel Guilliam X Trivial Open Unresolved