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Bug DC-1006

Custom geometric query error with orderBy

Jonathan H. Wage Leonardo Lazzaro Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-895

[I18n] Defining languages with locality (eg. en_GB) breaks functionality with SQL Integrity error - fix included

Jonathan H. Wage Erik Van Kelst Critical Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-803

Syntax error in MySQL migration to drop constraint (patch supplied)

Jonathan H. Wage Gavin Davies Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-799

Doctrine_Query::parseFunctionExpression() produces unexpected results if the expression contains a function

Guilherme Blanco Henning Glatter-Gotz Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-795

Can't mix Soft and Hard deletes. Fix with patch provided.

Jonathan H. Wage John Wards Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-769

Variable type different for return value from Doctrine_Record->toArray() depending on whether the object is from a select, or a save.

Jonathan H. Wage Dennis Gearon Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-764

Major->please.....Value of Primary key from sequence in Postgres table NOT being set (although sequence gets incremented)

Jonathan H. Wage Dennis Gearon Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-753

doctrine generate-migrations-diff throws "No php or yml files found at path"

Jonathan H. Wage David Vega Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-740

issue with multiple connection handling

Jonathan H. Wage Ian P. Christian Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-717

Default value for columns is generated wrong. THe default value becomes the result value in the schema files.

Jonathan H. Wage angelo ayres camargo Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-708

Wrong definition for MySQL string primary column

Jonathan H. Wage Claudio Nicora Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-674

NULL Dates are translated to '0000-00-00' after upgrading to 1.2.2

Jonathan H. Wage Ville Itämaa Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-651

[PATCH] Doctrine_Record::option('orderBy', ...) of join's right side being applied to refTable in m2m relationship

Guilherme Blanco suhock Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-605

importSchema uses the connection name to identify the schema name

Jonathan H. Wage pbijl Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-602

Cardinality violation when searching phrase

Jonathan H. Wage Mishal Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature DC-596

make it possible to pass in builderOptions for templates

Jonathan H. Wage Lukas Kahwe Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-592

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Doctrine_Connection_Oracle::getDeclaration() in ....\Doctrine\Export\Oracle.php on line 501

Jonathan H. Wage zebulon303 Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-579

Doctrine_Record->_get() with $load === false generates E_NOTICE (patch)

Jonathan H. Wage Colin Darie Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-577

Sluggable can not index slug if using a provider

Jonathan H. Wage David Ward Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature DC-574

Add support for __toString() in the generator

Jonathan H. Wage Lukas Kahwe Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-573

Invalid SQL generated by Doctrine_Query::getLimitSubquery() when ordering by multiple columns

Jonathan H. Wage Craig Marvelley Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-570

Make table classes suffix configurable (with patch)

Jonathan H. Wage Elnur Abdurrakhimov Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-569

Duplicate unique indexes on PostgreSQL

Jonathan H. Wage admirau Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-568

Make it possible to use microtime as the version value when using Versionable

Jonathan H. Wage Lukas Kahwe Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-567

RawSql: getCountSqlQuery does not work correctly with PostgreSQL (patch provided)

Jonathan H. Wage Raphaël Dehousse Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-565

Versionable bugging when used with I18N

Jonathan H. Wage Sid GBF Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-564

Postgresql: listSequences: relname badly "formatted" (patch provided)

Jonathan H. Wage Raphaël Dehousse Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-563

Import/Pgsql: listTableRelations: bad use of strpos search composite foreign keys (patch provided)

Jonathan H. Wage Raphaël Dehousse Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-561

Doctrine autoloader tries to load class again and fails with fatal error - with fix

Jonathan H. Wage Miha Vrhovnik Blocker Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-559

Doctrine_Core::loadModels() caching

Jonathan H. Wage Lozovoy Max Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-557

Primary Key Error

Jonathan H. Wage Sid GBF Major Resolved Incomplete  
Bug DC-556

Index name error

Jonathan H. Wage Sid GBF Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-555

infinite recursion happens when saving models with circular reference

Jonathan H. Wage Jing Z Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-550

Cannot update record from one large integer to another large integer (severe problem for 32bit systems, due to the low upper limit of the int data type)

Jonathan H. Wage hal Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-549

Doctrine_DataDict_Oracle TYPO

Jonathan H. Wage Maxim Olenik Trivial Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-546

[PATCH] Missing $this->_table in Doctrine_Search when Index table not generated on the fly, throws Doctrine_Search_Exception' with message 'Invalid argument type. Expected instance of Doctrine_Table

Jonathan H. Wage dudu Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-545

MSSQL Server: Inserting blank records throws exception / Invalid casting of bound query parameters in sub-selects.

Guilherme Blanco Craig Marvelley Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-543

Doctrine_Inflector::unaccent does not replace the norwegian characters æøå

Jonathan H. Wage Ivar Nesje Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-537

Timestamp Validator splits on wrong character (from Trac #2018)

Jonathan H. Wage Dave Rowe Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-529

HYDRATE_SINGLE_SCALAR returns false for fetchOne() correct value for execute()

Jonathan H. Wage Karman Kertesz Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-524

Out Of Range in Template Geographical Calculation using Postgresql

Jonathan H. Wage Nei Rauni Santos Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-522

Can not use charset and collate in a table basis when using global charset and collate in Doctrine_Manager

Jonathan H. Wage Jonathan Nieto Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-521

Empty records cannot be inserted on PostgreSQL with autoincrement identifiers

Jonathan H. Wage Gergely Kis Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-518

Generated *Table.class.php should contain a getInstance() method

Jonathan H. Wage Christian Hammers Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-517

[PATCH] copy() method ignores INDEXBY associations

Jonathan H. Wage Ian Ricketson Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-513

Complex HAVING clause generates incorrect SQL in Doctrine_Query::getCountSqlQuery() and Doctrine_Query::getLimitSubquery() [patch included]

Guilherme Blanco Dave Kozma Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-512

Wrong sorting of migration files

Jonathan H. Wage Elnur Abdurrakhimov Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-511

Inflector::classify is slow

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Rabaix Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-510

setColumnOption(s) doesn't update _identifier when setting column as primary (symfony 1.4.2)

Jonathan H. Wage Vladimir Droznik Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-508

All but the first migrations fail with PostgreSQL [patch included]

Jonathan H. Wage Elnur Abdurrakhimov Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-506

Doctrine_Adapter_Statement_Oracle missing fetch statement in fetchAll()

Jonathan H. Wage Beorn Harris Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-505

Doctrine_Cache_Db can be much faster

Jonathan H. Wage vadik56 Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-504

toArray not using lazy loading

Jonathan H. Wage David Ash Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-503

Migrations task generates wrong diff for long table names

Jonathan H. Wage Robert Gruendler Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-500

Duplicate Index for foreign key(MySQL)

Jonathan H. Wage Sven Pöche Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-495

Allow the end of line style to be set in the record builder

Jonathan H. Wage Jordi Boggiano Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-493

method bracketExplode when tablename contains "Join"

Jonathan H. Wage Etienne VOILLIOT Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-492

Nested set behavior not correctly working (Doctrine_Node_NestedSet::shiftRlValues) (Updated)

Jonathan H. Wage Jonathan Nieto Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-488

Cannot parse table name including 'join'

Guilherme Blanco Chang-gun Lee Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-487

Worng docs: @return docs of some methods in Doctrine_Query_Abstract class are worng.

Guilherme Blanco TANAKA Koichi Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-483

Indentifiers are not quoted in queries build for Nested Relations (patch included)

Jonathan H. Wage Elnur Abdurrakhimov Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-482

$data passed to foreach is wrong

Jonathan H. Wage Florian Wolf Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-480

Since 1.2, records can't have columns named "options" anymore

Jonathan H. Wage Colin Darie Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-475

generate-migrations-diff is producing bogus migrations (drops the whole database)

Jonathan H. Wage Matthew Hughes Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-472

In the relatedExists method of the Doctrine_Record class the exception is incorrectly thrown imho

Jonathan H. Wage Jonathan Nieto Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-469

getAccessors and getMutators shows notices if they are not set

Jonathan H. Wage roy simkes Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-468

Project directories that have underscores (ie my_project) in the name get replaced with slashes (my/project) when generating models

Jonathan H. Wage Robert Fan Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-460

Doctrine_Cache_Apc/Core changes in 1.2 cause instability and crashes

Jonathan H. Wage David Abdemoulaie Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-459

Typo in Doctrine_Validator_Email

Jonathan H. Wage Josh Boyd Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-458

Doctrine_Validator_Ip fails on IPV6 IP addresses.

Jonathan H. Wage Josh Boyd Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-446

Doctrine_Record_Generator::createClass with Doctrine_Record_Listener

Jonathan H. Wage Hans-Peter Oeri Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-441

When using PearStyle model loading and a classPrefix, the Doctrine CLI will ignore any SQL operations if model_autoloading is set to conservative

Benjamin Eberlei Jon Lebensold Minor Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-437

Connection::query() can use wrong connection

Jonathan H. Wage Eugene Janusov Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-434

setCharset($charset) on mysql/pgsql connections does not set Doctrine_Core::ATTR_DEFAULT_TABLE_CHARSET

Jonathan H. Wage Benjamin Steininger Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-428

Bug on DropDB on Oracle. The sequence isn't not correct

Jonathan H. Wage Bertrand Zuchuat Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-425

I18n - Can't create lang column as varchar(5)

Jonathan H. Wage Carlos Gonser Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-419

Sluggable and inheritance

Jonathan H. Wage Pierre B Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-414

Sluggable template fails on case insensitive fields [solution]

Jonathan H. Wage Jeremy Kauffman Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-413

Validating Spanish Ñ produces "Notice"

Jonathan H. Wage Steve Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-411

Doctrine::Inflector does not handle table names with dashes

Jonathan H. Wage Tomasz Sterna Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-410

Email-validator doesn't work

Jonathan H. Wage Sander Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-408

Schema generation on Oracle databases fails due to invalid/unexistant table names

Jonathan H. Wage Andres Molina Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-407

Doctrine_Core::HYDRATE_SINGLE_SCALAR improvement

Jonathan H. Wage Reko Tiira Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-406

more robust handling for "actAs: [Timstampable]" handling

Jonathan H. Wage Lukas Kahwe Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature DC-404

Allow custom language field name in I18n Behavior

Jonathan H. Wage Steve Lounsbury Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-398

PORTABILITY_EMPTY_TO_NULL doesn't do anything for statements

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Albright Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-397

unlinking of associations with aliased local-/foreignKeys is broken

Jonathan H. Wage Florian Klucke Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-395

sfYaml library included twice

Jonathan H. Wage Karma Dordrak (Drak) Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-394

Searchable behavior's batchUpdateIndex fails if a table has a composite primary key.

Jonathan H. Wage Reko Tiira Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-385

Behavior geographical generates latitude FLOAT(18, 2), longitude FLOAT(18, 2) - it's not exact

Jonathan H. Wage Dominik.Roser Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-384

Nested set API allows inconsistent trees to be created

Jonathan H. Wage Tom Boutell Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-381

Automatic sequence names - with patch

Jonathan H. Wage Miha Vrhovnik Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-380

Sequence SQL is not generated when exporing sql for postgres - with patch

Jonathan H. Wage Miha Vrhovnik Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-378

Typo in documentation for Taggable Extension

Jonathan H. Wage Fabien Pennequin Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-377

Cannot delete a taggable record (Taggable Extension)

Jonathan H. Wage Fabien Pennequin Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-374

importing sqlite db with doctrine does not detect autoincrement fields

Jonathan H. Wage aiso haikens Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-366

Error with tokenizer for JOINs (comments include proposed solutions)

Jonathan H. Wage Christian Seaman Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-365

softdelete documentation is outof date

Jonathan H. Wage Gordon Franke Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-352

Doctrine_RawSql/Caching fatal error

Jonathan H. Wage Jonathan Shelly Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-350

Problem with Doctrine_Record::link() where $this->$alias is NULL (including possible fix)

Jonathan H. Wage Christian Seaman Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-346

synchronize records based on the primary keys, patch available

Jonathan H. Wage Marcus Häußler Major Resolved Incomplete  
Improvement DC-345

delete reference between OneToOne-Relation with synchronizeWithArray(), patch available

Jonathan H. Wage Marcus Häußler Major Resolved Incomplete  
Bug DC-343

Doctrine_View_Exception is documented as "Doctrine_Validator_Exception"

Jonathan H. Wage Jonathan Collins Trivial Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-334

Doctrine_Migration_Diff relies sys_get_tmp_dir in a way that will break with mutliple projects running the command at once

Jonathan H. Wage Tom Boutell Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-332

Doctrine_Migration_Diff doesn't work when plugin schemas are present but there is no app schema

Jonathan H. Wage Tom Boutell Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-323

when inserting a record into sql server (via odbc) doctrine fails to get last inserted ID

Jonathan H. Wage aiso haikens Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-320

Doctrine_Record fails to correctly update columns named data (conflict with getData method)

Jonathan H. Wage Massimiliano Torromeo Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-319

getModified() returns object where ids are expected

Jonathan H. Wage Emil Vladev Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-318

Doctrine_Table::find(x) fails for odbc/mssql connection due to limit() clause

Jonathan H. Wage aiso haikens Major Closed Duplicate  
Bug DC-300

synchronizeWithArray deletes Entries in RefTable when updating related Entries

Jonathan H. Wage Marcus Häußler Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-289

Using MSSQL connection the find method for models does not work

Jonathan H. Wage Trevor Lanyon Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-139

Versionable behavior not use the right connection

Jonathan H. Wage Gordon Franke Minor Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-104

Fetching a subset of records from the view

Jonathan H. Wage Velimira Metodieva Major Resolved Won't Fix