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Task DC-1062


Jonathan H. Wage Janardan Singh Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-895

[I18n] Defining languages with locality (eg. en_GB) breaks functionality with SQL Integrity error - fix included

Jonathan H. Wage Erik Van Kelst Critical Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-769

Variable type different for return value from Doctrine_Record->toArray() depending on whether the object is from a select, or a save.

Jonathan H. Wage Dennis Gearon Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-764

Major->please.....Value of Primary key from sequence in Postgres table NOT being set (although sequence gets incremented)

Jonathan H. Wage Dennis Gearon Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-674

NULL Dates are translated to '0000-00-00' after upgrading to 1.2.2

Jonathan H. Wage Ville Itämaa Critical Open Unresolved  
Improvement DC-580

if deleting root with Doctrine_Node_NestedSet::delete() deletes all root nodes

Roman S. Borschel Michael Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-553

issue when changing the connection inside Doctrine_Query::preQuery() on a model using a behavior

Jonathan H. Wage Lukas Kahwe Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-528

CLONE -isValueModified returns true for timestamps that appear different but are equal

Jonathan H. Wage Florian Klucke Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-333

Doctrine_Migration_Diff reuses the same temporary folder on consecutive runs, resulting in collisions between projects

Jonathan H. Wage Tom Boutell Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-330

Doctrine_Table unshiftFilter() expects method Doctrine_Record_Filter init()

Jonathan H. Wage Jonathan Collins Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-317

Using NestedSet behavior, createRoot function doesn't behave as expected with string multiple root key

Jonathan H. Wage Julien G Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-314

length option ignored in addColumn method in Doctrine 1.2 migrations

Jonathan H. Wage Tom Boutell Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-308

Doctrine is throwing base and not project-level Exceptions

Jonathan H. Wage Juozas Kaziukenas Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-307

Oracle adapter statement is not behavin correctly when error mode is Doctrine_Core::ERRMODE_SILENT or Doctrine_Core::ERRMODE_WARNING

Jonathan H. Wage Juozas Kaziukenas Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-306

Oracle adapter statement is referencing non-existing constants

Jonathan H. Wage Juozas Kaziukenas Trivial Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-305

Oracle adapter statement closeCursor() is not working properly

Jonathan H. Wage Juozas Kaziukenas Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-304

Auloader returns false even though sfYaml* class is loaded

Jonathan H. Wage Juozas Kaziukenas Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-302

Issues when using automatic relations ordering through 'orderBy' param in m2m relations

Jonathan H. Wage Maciej Hołyszko Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-298

Doctrine_Cache_Driver : array_search() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given at line 283

Jonathan H. Wage Benoît Guchet Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-126

Doctrine_Migration_Diff breaks on inherited class

Jonathan H. Wage Marc Weistroff Major Closed Fixed