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Bug DC-279

Code Corrections For MsSql modifyLimitQuery

Jonathan H. Wage Michael Card Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-276

HAVING does not parse column aliases

Guilherme Blanco Andrei Dziahel Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-274

Doctrine_Parser_Yml: hardcoded require calls for sfYaml

Jonathan H. Wage Lukas Kahwe Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-267

Strange behaviour with HYDRATE_ARRAY

Roman S. Borschel Thomas Wahle Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-266

I18n - PostgreSQL - translation table name

Jonathan H. Wage Jakub Novotny Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-263

Incorrect type in PGSQL import.

Jonathan H. Wage Pierre Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-261

Query overrwtires explicitly passed connection with bound one

Jonathan H. Wage Eugene Janusov Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-260

Improper translation of data types

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Wahle Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-257

Missing identifier quoting in Doctrine_Connection_Oracle

Guilherme Blanco Thomas Wahle Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-256

Identifier Quoting not made in generated subquery

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Wahle Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-255

XML Export not in UTF-8

Jonathan H. Wage Benno Eggnauer Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-254

getLimitSubquery Not Including All Order By Parts

Guilherme Blanco Michael Card Major Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DC-253

Missing Data Types In DataDict For MsSql

Jonathan H. Wage Michael Card Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-252

Doctrine ignores UNIQUE:true on int

Jonathan H. Wage Ignacio El Kadre Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-249

Doctrine_Manager::closeConnection() always changes current connection

Jonathan H. Wage Eugene Janusov Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-245

Table name prefix for table migration_version

Jonathan H. Wage Erik Wegner Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-244

Missing savepoint methods on Doctrine_EventListener_Chain

Jonathan H. Wage Pierrot Evrard Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-243

Passing $options to Doctrine_Core::generateModelsFromDb() From Doctrine_Cli()

Jonathan H. Wage Dolly Aswin Harahap Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-242

Linking (re-linking) o/m2m relations with array of ids in Doctrine_Record fromArray stopped working

Jonathan H. Wage Maciej Hołyszko Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-241

Count query with join o2m + limit + where throws an exception

Jonathan H. Wage Maciej Hołyszko Blocker Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-240

Automatic ordering through orderBy in many-to-many relation definition issue

Jonathan H. Wage Maciej Hołyszko Critical Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-239

Doctrine_Query::getCountQuery() produces subquery if the query contains joins

Jonathan H. Wage Fabian Spillner Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DC-238

Doctrine_Query::count() doesn't follow useResultCache

Guilherme Blanco Fabian Spillner Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-228

Doctrine_Record::fromArray() may fail when input contains related component IDs.

Jonathan H. Wage Zoltan Kovago Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-198

refreshRelated inserts records when One-to-One relationships are used and a related record is deleted

Jonathan H. Wage Mario Bittencourt Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-189

When applying changes to n:n relations that contain partially same data DELET is not fired

Jonathan H. Wage Jaanus Heeringson Critical Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-140

_createLimitSubquery generates a query with error ORA-00904

Jonathan H. Wage Igor D'Astolfo Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-138

WHERE LIKE doesn't work on JOIN SELECTs.

Jonathan H. Wage Marcin Gil Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-62

decimal fields are rounded to 6 decimal places on save()

Jonathan H. Wage brady Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-37

Performing JOIN and ORDERBY and using the PAGER in MSSQL results in bad query

Guilherme Blanco Daniel Cousineau Major Closed Fixed