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Bug DC-895

[I18n] Defining languages with locality (eg. en_GB) breaks functionality with SQL Integrity error - fix included

Jonathan H. Wage Erik Van Kelst Critical Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-764

Major->please.....Value of Primary key from sequence in Postgres table NOT being set (although sequence gets incremented)

Jonathan H. Wage Dennis Gearon Major Resolved Invalid  
Improvement DC-403

Eliminate queries produced by Doctrine_Node_NestedSet::getDescendants() when possible

Jonathan H. Wage alex Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DC-299

Doctrine::loadModels() returns an incorrect result if there is some models named before "Base"

Jonathan H. Wage Colin Darie Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-295

Export_Schema does not properly account for classes that have a prefix.

Jonathan H. Wage Matthew Miller Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-288

Doctrine_Parser_Yml dependany on sfYaml causing issues for non symfony users

Jonathan H. Wage Matt Cockayne Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-286

Trailing DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR will cause Doctrine_Core::loadModels in PEAR mode to fail

Jonathan H. Wage Pete Hatton Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DC-283

Unsetting an invalid property

Jonathan H. Wage Thiago Flessak Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-282

Memory Leak in Doctrine_Query_Abstract._getDqlCallbackComponents()

Jonathan H. Wage Markus Thielen Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-281

Generate Models Db changes case in Relationship definition.

Jonathan H. Wage RV David Minor Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-278

Invalid qubquery generated if using oracle adapter instead of pdo_oci

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Wahle Major Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DC-275

Mysql Schema Manager does not correctly detect Decimal + bug fix from me

Jonathan H. Wage Sergei Kuznetsov Major Closed Fixed  
Bug DC-272

levelColumnName for nested sets is ignored

Jonathan H. Wage Thomas Wahle Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DC-271

Doctrine_Record link many many

Jonathan H. Wage Ken Marfilla Major Closed Fixed  
Improvement DC-233

Versionable behavior should specify relation alias

Jonathan H. Wage Eugene Janusov Minor Closed Fixed