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Bug DBAL-1081

Paginator - Query Limit for SQL Server - SqlServerPlatform.php

Benjamin Eberlei Maciej Grajcarek Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-1214

MySQL has gone away using ImportCommand

Benjamin Eberlei Sylvain Filteau Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-512

Update schema not working on MsSql due to no support for alter identity

Benjamin Eberlei Flip Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DBAL-76

PostgreSQL Platform list* SQL code is in need of serious love

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
Improvement DBAL-31

Move Schema related Creation code from AbstractPlatform to AbstractSchemaManager

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DBAL-1286

Add Cassandra driver

Benjamin Eberlei Oleg Andreyev Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DBAL-95

Interbase/Firebird support

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Awaiting Feedback Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-1305

Misleading Not Unique Alias Error Message in 2.5.2 Release

Benjamin Eberlei John Madrak Major Open Unresolved  
Task DBAL-1046

Broken link

Benjamin Eberlei ted bohus Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DBAL-319


Benjamin Eberlei Till Minor Open Unresolved  
New Feature DBAL-150

noSQL Shema Management

Benjamin Eberlei Alexey Shatunov Minor Open Unresolved