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Bug DBAL-212

Unknown database type longvarchar requested, Doctrine\DBAL\Platforms\SqlitePlatform may not support it.

Benjamin Eberlei neurocitizen Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-211

wrong where clause in PostgreSqlPlatform::getTableWhereClause

Benjamin Eberlei Asmir Mustafic Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-206

OraclePlatform causes problems with more schemas with same table names

Benjamin Eberlei Fran Pregernik Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-205

MySQL SchemaManager doesn't handle composite foreign keys properly

Benjamin Eberlei Sascha Beining Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-201

Remote IBM DB2 connection needs protocol specified

Benjamin Eberlei Suzy Deffeyes Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-195

Method AbstractSchemaManager->dropAndCreateSequence() contains erroneous code.

Benjamin Eberlei Marc Campeau Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-190

Column type comment SQL is missing during table creation

Benjamin Eberlei Miloslav "adrive" Kmet Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-184

bigint binding problems in sqlite3

Benjamin Eberlei Matt Wright Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-146

Mssql platform TOP and DISTINCT ordering issue

Benjamin Eberlei Karl Southern Major Resolved Fixed