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Bug DBAL-1199

[GH-837] Revert the addition of the wrong bin script

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-1000

MySQL DB cannot be created from Cli, returns "QLSTATE[42000] [1049] Unknown database"

Benjamin Eberlei Marcus Malka Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-819

Schema-tools does not work on multiple Oracle's schemas

Benjamin Eberlei Antoine Descamps Major Awaiting Feedback Unresolved  
Documentation DBAL-764

Provide a reference of the portable Column types and options

Steve Müller Frederic G. MARAND Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-367

Reverse engnering do not work with Oracle DB

Benjamin Eberlei Zelenin Alexandr Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-346

Generated schema fails on MySQL (BLOB/TEXT cant have DEFAULT value)

Benjamin Eberlei Sascha Ahmann Major Resolved Fixed