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Bug DDC-3735

Problem with Collate

Marco Pivetta Hugo Henrique Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3718

Inifinite schema diff when using decimal with options unsigned

Benjamin Eberlei Khang Minh Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3633

Schema creation problem on PostgreSQL

Steve Müller Dmitry Korotovsky Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-3577

Inherited associations are ignored

Steve Müller Denis Vasilev Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3381

orm:schema-tool:update shows incorrect changes with MasterSlaveConnection wrapper class

Benjamin Eberlei Pieter Vogelaar Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3333

doctrine:schema:update --complete does not detect old index

Benjamin Eberlei Grégoire Paris Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DDC-3299

Possibility to define Entities in separate Bounded Context

Marco Pivetta Piotr Deszyński Major Resolved Invalid  
Improvement DDC-3289

Better exception description on some mapping errors

Benjamin Eberlei Luciano Mammino Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3228

ORM\Tools\Export\Driver\PhpExporter.php does not properly export manyToOne associations

Benjamin Eberlei Dan V Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3105

Doctrine Console Error (ORMPurger)

Benjamin Eberlei Carlos Mendoza Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3040

doctrine:schema:update datetimetz field type not null

Benjamin Eberlei Coroliov Oleg Major Resolved Can't Fix  
Bug DDC-2989

ORM should allow custom index names for foreign associations.

Marco Pivetta Jonathon Suggs Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-2894

on-update cascade for one-to-one association

Benjamin Eberlei I. S. Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DDC-2788

Create Table If Not Exists - doctrine:schema:update

Benjamin Eberlei jayem Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2742

2 ManyToMany relations to the same target entity make the schema update fail by default

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2560

Schema tool invalid DDL syntax for default values

Marco Pivetta Ben Davies Major Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2551

schema-tool does not match join columns with identifier options

Marco Pivetta Atans Chiu Minor Resolved Can't Fix  
Bug DDC-2489

Missing semicolon in schema update tool, using dump-sql argument

Guilherme Blanco Robert-Jan Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-2469

SQLite handling for ENUM-Fields

Marco Pivetta Andy Rosslau Major Resolved Invalid  
Improvement DDC-2464

useless index for the middle table of many-to-many relationship

Benjamin Eberlei scourgen Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2425

Parent entity sometimes fails to load when validating/updating schema.

Benjamin Eberlei Scott Gibson Trivial Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-2421

Many-To-Many relation creation failed when using non PK entity field

Benjamin Eberlei Bruno CHALOPIN Major Resolved Invalid  
Improvement DDC-2288

Schema Tool doesn't update collation on table level

Benjamin Eberlei Rickard Andersson Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2238

doctrine:schema:update partially broken

Benjamin Eberlei Tom Vogt Major Resolved Duplicate  
Bug DDC-2135

Setting column defaults using options in the annotations causes redundant alter statements

Benjamin Eberlei Cory Comer Major Resolved Duplicate  
Bug DDC-2119


Benjamin Eberlei SergSW Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2011

Schema tool fail to handle ManyToMany relation with an existing joinTable

Benjamin Eberlei Erwan Richard Minor Resolved Won't Fix