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Documentation DDC-3242

Initialize the type array

Marco Pivetta bilou gagou Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DDC-3159

CONCAT expression for PostGreSql

Benjamin Eberlei Maxime Colin Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DDC-3141

Change the type of a column

Marco Pivetta Mathias STRASSER Minor Resolved Won't Fix  
Improvement DDC-3117

[GH-1027] Support for Partial Indexes for PostgreSql and Sqlite

Benjamin Eberlei Doctrine Bot Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2879

Persisting collections with Composite Primary Keys composed of 2 Foreign Keys and one metadata field

Benjamin Eberlei Dylan Johnson Major Awaiting Feedback Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2238

doctrine:schema:update partially broken

Benjamin Eberlei Tom Vogt Major Resolved Duplicate