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New Feature DDC-2826

Add support for mapping collections of embeddable objects

Benjamin Eberlei songoko songowan Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2552

[GH-722] Support for order by association (for 2.3 branch)

Benjamin Eberlei Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-2303

@param wrong in Doctrine\ORM\PersistentCollection::__constructor Edit

Marco Pivetta Torsten Granek Major Closed Invalid  
Bug DDC-2255

[Doctrine-Bridge][Console] Entity, Getters and Setters Generating Bug detected in Symfony 2 Framework

Marco Pivetta Ala Eddine Khefifi Major Closed Invalid  
Improvement DDC-2220

Add joins to Collection Filtering API

Benjamin Eberlei Oleg Namaka Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Improvement DDC-2217

Return a lazy collection from PersistentCollection::match($criteria)

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Major Open Unresolved  
Documentation DDC-2185

Better explain DQL "WITH" and implications for the collection filtering API

Benjamin Eberlei Matthias Pigulla Major Open Unresolved