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New Feature PHPCR-94

Implement ->iterate on Query object

Lukas Kahwe Daniel Leech Minor Closed Duplicate  
Bug PHPCR-91

getSIngleResult throws ambiguous Exception

Lukas Kahwe Daniel Leech Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Documentation PHPCR-86

QueryBuilder QOMFactory access

Lukas Kahwe Daniel Bojdo Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Bug DMIG-48

DB2 Migrations Error - SQL0206N

Benjamin Eberlei Matias Blanco Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2394

QueryExpressionVisitor has no implementation of Comparison::CONTAINS

Benjamin Eberlei Boris GuĂ©ry Major Resolved Invalid  
Improvement DBAL-761

Driver\ResultStatement::fetchAll() returns empty array on a seemingly valid Driver\PDOStatement object

Benjamin Eberlei Dennis Matveyev Minor Open Unresolved