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Bug DDC-3814

counting inverse column of in dql

Guilherme Blanco Maximilian Bosch Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3759

QueryBuilder crash with a negative value on a WHERE IN expression

Marco Pivetta Sullivan SENECHAL Major Reopened Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3753

ManyToMany Relations from Value objects

Marco Pivetta Maximilian Bosch Minor Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-3735

Problem with Collate

Marco Pivetta Hugo Henrique Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3732

Entity with string @id can't be fetches

Marco Pivetta Peter Zwegat Blocker Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-3718

Inifinite schema diff when using decimal with options unsigned

Benjamin Eberlei Khang Minh Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3680

[GH-1377] Failing test case for broken paginator case

Bill Schaller Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-3679

Paginator generates broken SQL when paginating ordered query

Guilherme Blanco Filip Procházka Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3673

Foreign key ignores options on schema update

Benjamin Eberlei Yuri Pimenov Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-3573

DateTime objects casted to string when used in aggregate functions in query results

Benjamin Eberlei Ameer Antar Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3364

QueryBuilder fails when using alias in having with like expr

Benjamin Eberlei webDEVILopers Major Open Unresolved  
New Feature DDC-3308

Cross platform support for DQL "WHERE ... IN" with multiple fields/columns

Benjamin Eberlei Markus Wößner Minor Awaiting Feedback Unresolved  
Bug DDC-3270

abstract class database entity generation

Marco Pivetta Yan Ni Minor Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-3096

JoinColumn definition does not regard column type with value translation

Benjamin Eberlei Volker Nauruhn Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2802

Mysql index length cannot be specified

Benjamin Eberlei Nikolay Konev Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug DDC-2747

Doctrine Checking Null but not default

Marco Pivetta Clay Garland Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug DDC-2658

Inserting NULL for Undefined Variables

Benjamin Eberlei John Julien Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2632

Doctrine reverse engineer doesn't honor NOT NULL foreign keys

Benjamin Eberlei Paolo Avezzano Minor Open Unresolved  
Bug DDC-2555

Syntax Error when column is "separator"

Marco Pivetta Tayniak Boris Minor Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-2188

DQL arithmetic priority is not considered in expression 'a/(b*c)'

Fabio B. Silva Mahdi Dehghani Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-2161

Moving entity relationship doesn't move foreign key in mysql table

Benjamin Eberlei Alessandro Tagliapietra Major Resolved Invalid  
Bug DDC-2139

Table collate/charset doesn't inherits from database

Benjamin Eberlei William Knak Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug DDC-1274

there is no way to set collate of the table charset !

Benjamin Eberlei sina miandashti Critical Resolved Invalid  
Bug DBAL-1241

Comparator generates wrong result if using database_name.table_name notation

Benjamin Eberlei Pavlo Chipak Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-1182

No schema difference detected when changing length of a text field

Benjamin Eberlei Evan Sheffield Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-1132

[GH-786] Fix removing autoincrement column from a primary key

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature DBAL-1116

[GH-774] Added SET and ENUM types for MySQL and fix issue with schema update tool

Marco Pivetta Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug DBAL-1111

[GH-771] Fix unique index exception handling for an index on multiple columns in PHP 5.4

Marco Pivetta Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Fixed  
New Feature DBAL-1091

[GH-755] Update MysqliStatement to support PDO::FETCH_OBJ

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DBAL-1083

[GH-749] [DBAL-1082] Fix SchemaTool does not generate SQL for MySQL unsigned float

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DBAL-1082

SchemaTool does not generate SQL for MySQL unsigned float

Steve Müller Daniel Chesterton Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-1073

[GH-742] Take care about mariadb platform

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-1017

Altering a foreign key column is not done properly for MySQL

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-1000

MySQL DB cannot be created from Cli, returns "QLSTATE[42000] [1049] Unknown database"

Benjamin Eberlei Marcus Malka Critical Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-936

Doctrine type not found exception thrown before checking the comment

Benjamin Eberlei Maxime Veber Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-914

the pdo_mysql driver do not always trhow an error when mysql does

Marco Pivetta mikeSimonson Major Resolved Won't Fix  
Bug DBAL-899

Escape table name when update schema

Benjamin Eberlei Guilherme Santos Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-819

Schema-tools does not work on multiple Oracle's schemas

Benjamin Eberlei Antoine Descamps Major Awaiting Feedback Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-803

SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: parameter was not defined

Benjamin Eberlei Stefano Kowalke Major Resolved Duplicate  
Bug DBAL-802

Tablename quoting not working for ALTER TABLE

Steve Müller Dennis Birkholz Major Resolved Duplicate  
Improvement DBAL-761

Driver\ResultStatement::fetchAll() returns empty array on a seemingly valid Driver\PDOStatement object

Benjamin Eberlei Dennis Matveyev Minor Open Unresolved  
Improvement DBAL-477

Just doublequote all schema names and field names in PostgreSQL sql command generation, and the same for MySQL

Benjamin Eberlei jos de witte Major Open Unresolved  
Bug DBAL-442

Break the query building with multiple from parts

Benjamin Eberlei Denis Vasilev Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-398

Native query does not allow mysql assignment operator :=

Benjamin Eberlei David Ward Major Resolved Fixed