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Bug DWEB-110

Cannot access API documentation because of redirect loop

Jonathan H. Wage Douglas Teoh Critical Open Unresolved  
Documentation DDC-3456

[GH-1226] Update Travis badges to use the SVG version

Marco Pivetta Doctrine Bot Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DDC-3408

[GH-1190] Document that AUTOGENERATE_ constants are allowed

Marco Pivetta Doctrine Bot Major Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DDC-3261

Bad link in 34.3 Advanced Configuration - Connection Options

Marco Pivetta Matthew Turland Minor Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DDC-3242

Initialize the type array

Marco Pivetta bilou gagou Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-2795

the queryBuider Expr\Join class has a ON type but unsupported by the parser

Benjamin Eberlei Christophe Coevoet Major Open Unresolved  
Documentation DDC-2286

Update documentation for collation

Benjamin Eberlei Rickard Andersson Minor Open Unresolved  
Documentation DDC-2185

Better explain DQL "WITH" and implications for the collection filtering API

Benjamin Eberlei Matthias Pigulla Major Open Unresolved  
Documentation DDC-1983

Incorrect use statement in 25.1.3. Configuration example (Doctrine Console)

Benjamin Eberlei Atli Thor Jonsson Minor Open Unresolved  
Documentation DDC-1872

Evaluate @AssocationOverride/@AttributeOverride in context of Traits

Fabio B. Silva Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DDC-1605

No documentation about the usage of indexes with YAML and XML

Benjamin Eberlei Christian S. Major In Progress Unresolved  
Documentation DBAL-1012

[GH-695] [Documentation] Add missing quotes at the end of literal strings

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DBAL-820

[GH-531] Fix typo and formatting in security docs

Steve Müller Doctrine Bot Trivial Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DBAL-764

Provide a reference of the portable Column types and options

Steve Müller Frederic G. MARAND Minor Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DBAL-200


Benjamin Eberlei Jonas Liljestrand Trivial Resolved Fixed