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Bug DDC-1620

Partial merge of PR261

Benjamin Eberlei Miha Vrhovnik Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1619

Missing QueryBuilder::distinct() method

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1618

Query::Iterate() with fetch join exception but no associaiton selected

Benjamin Eberlei Thomas Rabaix Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1603

Unique key name isn't correctly set

Guilherme Blanco Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1594

Merging serialized entity back to the UnitOfWork

Benjamin Eberlei MB Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1589

Use of mb_stripos in Composite.php

Benjamin Eberlei Christopher Nadeau Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1561

GH-239: Fix $qb->expr() PHPDoc @return type.

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1526

Unecessary queries with LEFT JOIN

Benjamin Eberlei Pascal Burkhard Critical Resolved Fixed