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Bug DBAL-181

[Oracle] RAW Type

Benjamin Eberlei Juan M Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-172

QueryBuilder joins are omitted if the table alias is not present in the "from" clause

Benjamin Eberlei Anush Ramani Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-171

PARAM_INT_ARRAY / PARAM_STR_ARRAY depends of parameter order

Benjamin Eberlei arnaud-lb Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-168

orm:schema-tool:update will fail if if public scheme has a domains table (PostgreSQL)

Benjamin Eberlei Martin Prebio Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-158

Sqlite Platform doesn't set a proper mapping for "double precision" to act as float.

Benjamin Eberlei Doron Gutman Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-157

Exception given when updating schema

Benjamin Eberlei Chris Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-144

Oracle tables without indices are not handled during convert - this behavior should be tolerant since Oracle does not require indicies.

Benjamin Eberlei Ed Anderson Major Resolved Fixed