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Bug DDC-1496

OrphanRemove does not work when using clear() without initializing the collection before

Benjamin Eberlei Georg Wächter Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1477

GH-177: ProxyFactory was redeclaring methods in some OSs

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1474

Selecting expressions involving the unary minus operator will not work, whereas the EBNF syntax definitions for DQL say they should

Fabio B. Silva Daniel Alvarez Arribas Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1462

Extra Lazy and slice() on dirty collection

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1454

SQL error when requesting state for unknown joined inheritance entity with natural identifier

Benjamin Eberlei Aigars Gedroics Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1436

Problems with identity map on self-referencing

Benjamin Eberlei Konstantin Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1435

Exception thrown when generating SQL from a DQL subselect where the entity has a foreign key as a primary key

Guilherme Blanco Payam Hekmat Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1421

SQL Casing in BasicEntityPersister::_getSelectColumnAssociationSQL

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Eberlei Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1420

doctrine orm:validate-schema failure when using Migrations

Benjamin Eberlei Denis Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1414

UnitOfWork#getCommitOrder() does not add dependencies for all related classes

Benjamin Eberlei Petri Mahanen Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1411

onCascade property gets wrong value when entities are generated

Benjamin Eberlei Vinícius Borriello Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1410

leftJoin with condition WITH & Object Hydratation problem.

Benjamin Eberlei Thomas Tourlourat - Armetiz Blocker Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1402

Huge performance leak in SingleTablePersister

Benjamin Eberlei Sylvain Bernier Critical Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1400

joining and selecting associated collection, which is using indexBy, to a query is triggering UPDATE queries for each collection element which were joined.

Benjamin Eberlei Reio Piller Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1399

Wrong count() value in many-to-many relationship and EXTRA_LAZY

Benjamin Eberlei Paweł Gniadkowski Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1386

getPartialReference() will result in data loss if default values are used

Benjamin Eberlei Stefan Klug Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1383

Inheritance superclass object is created after merging entity referencing to discriminated entity

Benjamin Eberlei Aigars Gedroics Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1382

getIdentifierValues causes an exception on entyties that have only association keys

Guilherme Blanco Asmir Mustafic Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1358

Native Query hydration ignores empty entity doublons

Benjamin Eberlei Benjamin Lorteau Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1346

Error when referencing aliased sub-select in where clause

Guilherme Blanco Glen Ainscow Critical Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DDC-1335

QueryBuilder->form() does not allow the INDEX BY clause

Guilherme Blanco Albert Casademont Minor Resolved Fixed  
Improvement DDC-1316

Insert statement for joined subclass presister doesn't type change the id values for subtables

Guilherme Blanco victor Velkov Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1266

doctrine drop sequence twice

Benjamin Eberlei Mathieu Rochette Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DDC-1082

On PostgreSQL "doctrine orm:schema-tool:drop --force" will not delete all tables created by orm:schema-tool:create and still report success

Benjamin Eberlei Daniel Alvarez Arribas Major Resolved Fixed