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Bug DBAL-91

orm:convert-mapping SchemaException on Postgres reserved words

Benjamin Eberlei Emil Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-88

MySqlPlatform not escaping table names

Benjamin Eberlei James Reed Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-87

Undefined variable printer in DBAL Import Command

Benjamin Eberlei Rob Squires Minor Resolved Fixed  
Documentation DBAL-86

Documentation tells about setCustomTypes() but the method doesn't actually exist

Benjamin Eberlei Boris GuĂ©ry Minor Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-85

Illegal quotes in SHOW FULL TABLES WHERE Table_type = "BASE TABLE"

Benjamin Eberlei Karsten Dambekalns Major Resolved Fixed  
Bug DBAL-84

Long string fields are being silently changed to 255 characters in the schema

Benjamin Eberlei Oleg Anashkin Major Resolved Fixed