[DCOM-67] Introduce immutable DateTime with __toString() Created: 27/Aug/11  Updated: 29/Jan/12

Status: Reopened
Project: Doctrine Common
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: 2.3

Type: Improvement Priority: Major
Reporter: Benjamin Eberlei Assignee: Benjamin Eberlei
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
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Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 27/Aug/11 ]


Comment by Koji Ando [ 11/Jan/12 ]

Though it is implemented once on https://github.com/doctrine/common/commit/7140ad3ba0ba2a94238976dd7f310ff92b478c96,
the class is removed on https://github.com/doctrine/common/commit/f845c1e267abf9069422eba8addfa976bc8d8685.

I think this issue must be reopened.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 11/Jan/12 ]

Code was removed due to implementation problems.

[DCOM-189] Doctrine Proxies may conflict with interfaced constructors Created: 03/May/13  Updated: 26/Mar/15

Status: Reopened
Project: Doctrine Common
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: None

Type: Improvement Priority: Minor
Reporter: Harmen M Assignee: Marco Pivetta
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
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The Doctrine ProxyGenerator generates for a proxy a constructor. The documentation of Doctrine states that the constructor is never called. For a project, I created a group of entities with a interfaced constructor in order to enforce a common interface. This results in a incompatible proxy and so a fatal error.

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 03/May/13 ]

Cannot fix this - the constructor is required to override instantiation logic

Comment by Harmen M [ 03/May/13 ]

Edit: added the correct description. I accidentially submitted the form before editing the description.

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 03/May/13 ]

Harmen M why do you have a constructor in an interface? That's a very bad practice, and it makes things quite hard to handle.

I can think of a workaround, but I first want to be sure there's a real advantage in changing the current implementation to use


just to handle this specific use case.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 03/May/13 ]

Adding __construct to an interface is an anti pattern and shouldn't be done.

Comment by Harmen M [ 03/May/13 ]

Ok, then I change my implementation.

But, maybe it is an idea to update the documentation of the ORM and state that constructor interfacing is not possible?

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 18/Dec/13 ]

I actually had more requests for this feature on a similar project ( https://github.com/Ocramius/ProxyManager/issues/115 ).
I will mark this as feature request, but can't guarantee that it will get into Doctrine 2.x, since it may be a BC break.

Comment by Guilherme Blanco [ 24/Apr/14 ]

Creating interfaces with __construct ties your contract preventing extensibility points. This is nature of OOP and I do not consider this should be documented because it's (in-theory) expected that people have some level of knowledge in OO design when coding.

Closing this as invalid.

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 24/Apr/14 ]


While interfaced constructors are a known bad practice, changing constructor parameters is also a well known LSP violation (a minor one).

I'll keep tracking this, but I'm blocked by HHVM's missing Closure::bind() as of https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/issues/1203

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 26/Mar/15 ]

Note: won't be solved in 2.5.0.

As a side-note, this was solved in ProxyManager meanwhile, but we can consider this change only for 3.0.x

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