[PHPCR-21] converting any existing docs to reST so that it can be added to the site Created: 01/Aug/11  Updated: 22/Oct/12  Resolved: 22/Oct/12

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Project: Doctrine PHPCR
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Reporter: Lukas Kahwe Assignee: David Buchmann
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PHPCR ODM is listed on the Doctrine website:

build doc in this repository:


The next step would be to collect all the various documentation flying around and convert them to reST format:
http://melp.nl/2011/07/symfony2-phpcr-doctrine2-jackalope-recipe/ (needs to be made Symfony2 unspecific)
http://www.craftitonline.com/2011/07/first-symfony2-cmf-based-cms-pagesbundle/ (needs to be made Symfony2 unspecific)
http://cmf.symfony.com/slides.html (needs to be made Symfony2 unspecific)

any other articles flying around?

of course we should also reference PHPCR related docs

Comment by Luis Cordova [ 01/Aug/11 ]

yes it should be something like http://github.com/doctrine/phpcr-odm-documentation

and first commit should have the same structure for doc generation that orm-documentation has

then we can start PR'eing...

hand raised @lsmith

Comment by David Buchmann [ 01/Aug/11 ]

it should be obvious, but the README file of the https://github.com/doctrine/phpcr-odm repository has a lot of the features documented. i propose that this is taken as starting point and once we have the doc up here on the doctrine website, strip down the README to a minum and reference the doc.

the phpcr doc entry point could be http://phpcr.github.com and then we have to work on improving that site too.

Comment by David Buchmann [ 07/Feb/12 ]

we should also point to this (resp. the place this gets online at http://cmf.symfony.com for usage of phpcr-odm inside symfony:

also note that the install instructions there are partially relevant for phpcr-odm without symfony too.

Comment by David Buchmann [ 18/Jul/12 ]

did a lot of work today, the doc is now largely done, some chapters still missing

Comment by Lukas Kahwe [ 08/Oct/12 ]

is there anything left to still convert?

Comment by David Buchmann [ 22/Oct/12 ]

wouldn't know of missing conversions. doc "just" needs to be completed by writing new chapters and improving the existing ones.

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