[OXM-2] Mapped-superclass, indexes not gathered Created: 29/Mar/12  Updated: 27/Nov/14

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Project: Doctrine Object-XML Mapper
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Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Lazar Otasevic Assignee: Benjamin Eberlei
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win7 xamp mysql

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is referenced by DDC-3418 Indexes not inherited from mapped sup... Resolved


GenericPositionPair XML:
<mapped-superclass name="GenericPositionPair">
<index columns="position" />
<field name="position" type="integer" column="position" />

GenericPrimaryPositionPair XML:
<mapped-superclass name="GenericPrimaryPositionPair">
<index columns="isPrimary" />
<field name="isPrimary" type="boolean" column="isPrimary" />

PrimaryPositionPair XML:
<entity name="PrimaryPositionPair" table="PrimaryPositionPair">
<id name="first" type="integer" column="first_id" association-key="true" />
<id name="second" type="integer" column="second_id" association-key="true" />
<many-to-one field="first" target-entity="First">
<join-column name="first_id" referenced-column-name="id" />
<many-to-one field="second" target-entity="Second">
<join-column name="second_id" referenced-column-name="id" />

PrimaryPositionPair exteds GenericPrimaryPositionPair
GenericPrimaryPositionPair extends GenericPositionPair

Finally - the resulting SQL statement contains no idexes on position and isPrimary fields.

Suggestion - wouldn't it be easier to just include attribute index="true" instead od <indexes> tag, since attribute unique="true" already works.

Comment by Lazar Otasevic [ 29/Mar/12 ]

As far as i can see, the shcema-tool gathers only fields and relations from xml and not <indexes> WHY?
Since it fetches unique attribute from a field and accordingly adds an unique index to the final statement, wouldnt it be natural to also gether indexes?
My suggestion remains about index attribute of a field.

Comment by Lazar Otasevic [ 25/Apr/12 ]


Comment by Lazar Otasevic [ 18/May/12 ]


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