[DDC-687] Add New Entity Attribute "idGetter" to allow accessing the ID without triggering lazy-load Created: 12/Jul/10  Updated: 11/Sep/13  Resolved: 11/Sep/13

Status: Resolved
Project: Doctrine 2 - ORM
Component/s: ORM
Affects Version/s: 2.0-BETA2
Fix Version/s: 2.2
Security Level: All

Type: New Feature Priority: Major
Reporter: Benjamin Eberlei Assignee: Roman S. Borschel
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 1
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Often people present us with the use-case that they want to access the ID of a proxy without loading it.

This has lead to several ugly solutions like mapping the ID to an object and as a foreign key field. There currently exists a simple solution for this:

$id = $em->getUnitOfWork()->getEntityIdentifier($entity->getRelatedProxy());

However we could add a new property here called "idGetter" that would take the name of a method.

During Proxy Generation then this method is created with magic functionality that:

1. In case of Single Primary Key returns the single value
2. In case of Composite Primary Key returns an array of the values in their UoW internal order
3. Throw an Exception if the method does not exist on the original object

Comment by Stefan Klug [ 25/Jan/11 ]

What about an @IdGetter annotation. A function instrumented like this would not trigger the lazy load within the proxy.

Something like

class Entity {
    /** @Id **/
    private $id;

    /** @IdGetter **/
    public function getId() {
       return $this->id;

would then result in the proxy implementation

class EntityProxy extends Entity {
    public function getId() {
        if (!$this->__isInitialized__) {
            return $this->_identifier;
         } else {
             return parent::getId();

After reading the original post I realized that it proposed nearly the same thing. Nevertheless I'll leave it here for clarity. I still think that an annotation on a function would be better, than an annotation which gets the function name as a parameter.

Regards Stefan

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 25/Jan/11 ]

$this->_identifier is an array.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 11/Sep/13 ]

This was implemented in 2.2 by detecting when this can be done on a getId() call automatically.

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