[DDC-567] Foreign Key to Unique Field Update Failure Created: 03/May/10  Updated: 08/Oct/12

Status: Reopened
Project: Doctrine 2 - ORM
Component/s: ORM
Affects Version/s: 2.0-BETA2
Fix Version/s: None
Security Level: All

Type: New Feature Priority: Trivial
Reporter: Michael Ridgway Assignee: Roman S. Borschel
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 2
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I am getting an error: 'Notice: Undefined index: sysname in ./libraries/Doctrine/ORM/Persisters/BasicEntityPersister.php on line 434' when I try to flush a change to a property that references a unique field on another object.

From poking around in the _prepareUpdateData function, it seems that it only allows you to use identifier fields:

$newValId = $uow->getEntityIdentifier($newVal);


$result[$owningTable][$sourceColumn] = $newValId[$targetClass->fieldNames[$targetColumn]];

I'll see if I can get a test case for this set up.

Comment by Roman S. Borschel [ 03/May/10 ]

Hi. That is right. Foreign keys (join columns) must point to primary keys, not arbitrary other columns, whether they're unique or not, Doctrine does not know.

In other words, joinColumn must always refer to an identifier/pk. I'm not sure but I think anything else would be a pretty strange relational model, too, but there may be usecases we have not yet encountered.

I'm afraid this will not be possible and would be very hard to implement. Of course if somebody has a patch we happily accept it (after reviewing).

Leaving this open in the case somebody wants to work on it.

Comment by Michael Ridgway [ 03/May/10 ]

A minimal test case. Removing the first flush produces the same error, so this seems to be a bug on inserts as well.

Comment by Roman S. Borschel [ 03/May/10 ]

Its not really a bug but rather a new feature This was not intended to work so far.

Comment by Michael Ridgway [ 03/May/10 ]

Ah, ok. Maybe it didn't work before. I don't know where I got the idea that it did.


Comment by Michael Ridgway [ 03/May/10 ]

Oops, closed it before I noticed you said you wanted to leave it open.

Comment by Roman S. Borschel [ 03/May/10 ]

Thanks for the testcase though, it is useful. In your concrete example, is it not an option to make the sysname the @Id ?

Comment by Michael Ridgway [ 03/May/10 ]

Yes. That is definitely the way it should be done in this case. I can't really think of a case to have a reference to a unique key while still having an Id on it, except when you're working with an existing, poorly designed database (which is our case).

The reason I assumed this was possible is that the references actually work for lazy loading, but as soon as you start changing the references it throws this error.

Comment by Roman S. Borschel [ 14/May/10 ]

Lowering priority.

Comment by Thomas Subera [ 08/Oct/12 ]

although we would also need this i would suggest adding an error message if the associated column is not found in $newValId. (class BasicEntityPersister.php _prepareUpdateData)

otherwise the field is populated with null leaving the developer debugging an hour :-/


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