[DDC-2332] [UnitOfWork::doPersist()] The spl_objact_hash() generate not unique hash! Created: 05/Mar/13  Updated: 08/Jul/14

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Project: Doctrine 2 - ORM
Component/s: ORM
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Security Level: All

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Krisztián Ferenczi Assignee: Benjamin Eberlei
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Symfony 2.1.8, php 5.4.7 and php 5.4.12, Windows 7

Attachments: Text File hashlogs.txt    


I created fixtures and some data was inserted many times without calling the Task entity PrePersist event listener.

I printed the used and generated hash and I saw a Proxies_CG_\Asitly\ProjectManagementBundle\Entity\User hash equal a Task entity hash!

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 05/Mar/13 ]

Please provide either a code example or a test case. As it stands, this issue is incomplete

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 05/Mar/13 ]

Are you calling EntityManager#clear() inbetween? Because PHP reuses the hashes. The ORM accounts for this.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 05/Mar/13 ]

This is not a reproduce case, i don't want to execute your whole project.

I want to know, what is the actual bug that you see? Can you just print a list of all the hashes? Because the hashes dont differ at the end, bu tjust somewhere in the middle.

Comment by Krisztián Ferenczi [ 05/Mar/13 ]

I attached a hashlogs.txt file. The last Task class hash is 0000000050ab4aba0000000058e1cb12 ( line 3 129 )

This is not unique, view the line 2 760 . The Task is not being saved and the program don't call the prePersist listener. The "UnitOfWork" believe the entity has been saved because the isset($this->entityStates[$oid]) is true. But it is an other entity.

Comment by Krisztián Ferenczi [ 06/Mar/13 ]

The EntityManager::clear() fix the problem, but this is not "good" and "beautiful" solution. Shows no sign of that conflicts were and this is causing the problem. I was looking for the problem 7 hours.

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 26/Jun/14 ]

One possible issue here is that a listener registers an entity as managed while a proxy is being loaded.

The given data is still insufficient to actually verify the problem.

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