[DC-674] NULL Dates are translated to '0000-00-00' after upgrading to 1.2.2 Created: 10/May/10  Updated: 06/Oct/10

Status: Open
Project: Doctrine 1
Component/s: Behaviors
Affects Version/s: 1.2.1, 1.2.2
Fix Version/s: 1.2.1, 1.2.2

Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Ville Itämaa Assignee: Jonathan H. Wage
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 0
Labels: None

Zend Framework, Ubuntu 9.10, MySQL


Once the upgrade was done from Doctrine 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 we discovered that date related issues started to appear.
With dates that are persisted in DB as NULL are translated to "0000-00-00" when retrieved from DB. This has occurred in multiple places and is quite worrying as there is a lot of dates in our project. This means that everywhere in our codebase where we check a datevalue in our Models is NULL we need also to check for the string literal "0000-00-00".

Comment by Jonathan H. Wage [ 10/May/10 ]

Are you able to reproduce this in a test case?

Comment by Ville Itämaa [ 11/May/10 ]

We reverted to Doctrine 1.2.1 after realising the bug to confirm it was Doctrine 1.2.2 that was the cause for the problem. And as a result the records with NULL dates in the DB became NULL in the Models.
But when using Doctrine 1.2.2, the NULL dates became '0000-00-00' in the Models.
I don't have any other way to reproduce this error.

Comment by Jonathan H. Wage [ 11/May/10 ]

Were you able to identity which changeset it was? You can read about creating test cases here http://www.doctrine-project.org/documentation/manual/1_2/en/unit-testing

So far I am not able to reproduce the error you described.

Comment by Jonathan H. Wage [ 08/Jun/10 ]

I'd like to fix this. Did you ever figure out which changeset introduced the issue? I've been trying to figure it out myself.

Comment by Roland Huszti [ 06/Oct/10 ]

With 1.2.3 this works for me fine with both TIMESTAMP and DATE fields.


            type: date


        $this->hasColumn('date_of_birth', 'date', null, array(
             'type' => 'date',

             // try these two
             // 'notnull' => false,
             // 'default' => null

            type: timestamp(25)
            notnull: false
            default: null

            # in this model I have everything to make sure it accepts and defaults to NULL


        $this->hasColumn('exported_at', 'timestamp', 25, array(
             'type' => 'timestamp',
             'notnull' => false,
             'length' => '25',

You may try adding these to your YAML and (base) models


         . . .
        notnull: false
        default: null


        $this->hasColumn('fieldname', . . .
             . . .
             'notnull' => false, // <<<<<<<
             // 'default' => null, // <<< maybe, probably not needed

I hope it helps.

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