[DBAL-602] Deprecate Migrations in favor of stable tools Created: 12/Sep/13  Updated: 10/Mar/15

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Project: Doctrine DBAL
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Fix Version/s: 2.6
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Reporter: Benjamin Eberlei Assignee: Benjamin Eberlei
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DBAL-603 DbDeploy Support Sub-task Open Benjamin Eberlei  
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The Migrations project is very big and currently unmaintained, even if there is definately need for a solution of the migration problem.

The idea would be introduce a subcomponent in DBAL that delegates this to proven tools (DbDeploy and Liquibase, and Phinx for PHP based).

The functionality Doctrine should provide is integration with the \Doctrine\DBAL\Schema API. Three operations come to mind:

  • status - What version are we? Do we need to execute more versions?
  • migrate - Execute the migration tool
  • create-migration - Create a new migration file of the underlying platform.

The last operation needs to check if no versions need to be applied at the moment.

interface MigrationTool
   /** @return MigrationCurrentStatus */
   public function getStatus();

   /** @return MigrationPerformedStatus */
   public function migrate($toVersion = null);

   /** @return MigrationRolledBackStatus */
   public function rollback($toVersion = null);

   /** @return MigrationCreatedStatus */
   public function create(Schema $toSchema);

Every tool implements this interface and then we need 3 new commands for "status", "migrate" and "rollback". The "create" command can only be implemented in the context of the ORM.

Comment by Christophe Coevoet [ 12/Sep/13 ]

What is the idea here ?

I don't agree about removing the Migrations project in favor of using only the schema diff tool (which we already have as a command in the ORM btw). Migrating is not only about updating the schema. It also requires migrating data. Otherwise, it is not safe to use in production. This is why the


command displays a warning before running.
A good example is adding a new non-nullable unique field. Applying the schema update works on an empty DB but fails when the table already contains data.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 12/Sep/13 ]

Christophe Coevoet The idea is not to keep only ORM Schema-Tool, which is really only a Dev-Tool. We would rather add support for DbDeploy, Liquibase and Phinx into DBAL via some integration sub-component and using DBAL\Schema to create migration files for their formats.

Comment by Miha Vrhovnik [ 04/Jan/14 ]

There is also http://dbv.vizuina.com/

Comment by Jonathan Cardoso Machado [ 31/Jan/14 ]

The command line support is going to stay right? The idea here is to use third party deploy framework, but with specific bindings to use with Doctrine, Am I right?

Comment by Jonathan Cardoso Machado [ 10/Mar/15 ]

@beberlei Can we get an update here? Is this still planned for 2.6?

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