[DBAL-122] Impossible to save data to image/binary/varbinary Created: 16/May/11  Updated: 07/Jan/14  Resolved: 06/Jan/14

Status: Resolved
Project: Doctrine DBAL
Component/s: Platforms
Affects Version/s: 2.0.4
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Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Martin Weise Assignee: Steve Müller
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XAMP, MsSQL-Server 2008, PHP 5.3.x, MS pdo_sqlsrv_vc6_ts.dll

Issue Links:
relates to DBAL-711 [GH-450] [DBAL-122] Fix BLOB type map... Resolved
relates to DBAL-714 [GH-452] Introduce BinaryType Resolved


When trying to insert a value into a Column with type 'image', 'binary' or 'varbinary' the SQLServer states that this is not possible.
When trying to insert into 'binary' or 'varbinary' the error message is:
=> Implicit conversion from nvarchar(max) datatype to varbinary(max) is not allowed.

When trying to insert into 'image' the error message is:
=> Operand collision: nvarchar(max) is incompatible with image.

Doctrine prepares the image/binary/varbinary column in the statements as nvarchar(max) which is wrong.

The cause of this error is that in the MsSQLPlatform::getVarcharTypeDeclarationSQLSnippet($length, $fixed),
or in the datatype mapping which is to 'text'.

The documentation for the MsSQLServer states following conversions (

*char => binary/varbinary : Explicit conversion
nchar/nvarchar => image : IMPOSSIBLE

So the solution would be, either to leave the datatype blank or use the char/varchar datatype when saving into image/binary/varbinary, which would cause an extra datatype as those would collide with 'text' I guess.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 09/Jan/12 ]

I get the problem, but i don't understand the solutions

Can you explain a bit more?

1. how do i leave a datatype empty? and which one?
2. how do i use char/varchar when saving?

I think this is just a problem of unspecific descriptions

Comment by Martin Weise [ 22/Feb/12 ]

Hi Benjamin

Sorry, for this long delay.
I had a deeper inspection what happens when I persist data into a field of type varbinary(MAX) and I got this (using the SQL profiler):

declare @p1 int
set @p1=NULL
exec sp_prepexec @p1 output,
N'@P1 nvarchar(36),@P2 nvarchar(max),@P3 nvarchar(34)',
N'INSERT INTO mc_dokument_data (id, data, mc_dokument_id) VALUES (@P1, @P2, @P3)',
select @p1

But it has to be ( removed '-quotes and @P2 changed to varbinary(MAX) ):

declare @p1 int
set @p1=NULL
exec sp_prepexec @p1 output,
N'@P1 nvarchar(36),@P2 varbinary(max),@P3 nvarchar(34)',
N'INSERT INTO mc_dokument_data (id, data, mc_dokument_id) VALUES (@P1, @P2, @P3)',
select @p1

I am not really sure any more if this is caused from Doctrine or from the 'MS SQL-Server PHP-PDO-Driver 2.0.1' .
But I guess this comes from the driver.
If you can validate this, I will make a bug report to them.

The funny thing is if I do this via executeQuery it works...

$data = unpack("H*" , __some__data__);
$data = '0x'.$data[1];

    "INSERT INTO mc_dokument_data (id, mc_dokument_id, data)". 
   "VALUES('".$id."' , '" . $documentId . "', " . $data . " )"

Hopefully I could clarify my problem.

Martin Weise

Comment by Steve Müller [ 18/Dec/13 ]

Is this now a bug in Doctrine? Can you please confirm this? I was not able to reproduce this issue. The only thing I can see is that back then we did not have a BLOB type in Doctrine that supplies the correct binding type for prepared statements. I don't know HOW you actually inserted the data which lead to an error but I guess it was a binding type problem in the driver coming from a wrong Doctrine type mapping (text instead of blob).
BLOB type mapping for SQL Server platform was introduced in this commit: https://github.com/doctrine/dbal/commit/854a67da503a9fd5a21bece282e3e32581d24d75
What is STILL wrong is the image and binary mapping. I will fix the image and binary type mappings to blob.

Comment by Marco Pivetta [ 19/Dec/13 ]

Steve Müller is this solved with https://github.com/doctrine/dbal/commit/c727c032a876e703ab964848ebf0a1eefed32a9a ?

Comment by Steve Müller [ 19/Dec/13 ]

Marco PivettaI don't know really. I cannot reproduce this error and I have to less additional information to do so. Obviously there have been wrong type mappings for the binary database types which al resolved to TextType. I think we have to wait for Feedback from Martin Weisethen.

Comment by Steve Müller [ 03/Jan/14 ]

Martin Weise As you did not provide further feedback and we introduced dedicate binary/varbinary Doctrine types that also provide the correct param mapping types and fixed the image/blob type mappings, I consider this ticket as resolved. We also have a lot of tests covering this. If you still encounter this issue, feel free to reopen
Anyways, thanks for reporting this!

Comment by Steve Müller [ 04/Jan/14 ]

Lol okay funny thing. I got to reproduce this now but only with PDO_SQLSRV. This is definitely a bug in the driver. See here:

Benjamin Eberlei What to do? Mention it anywhere in the docs? I don't know if it is fixed in a newer version. I am using version 3.0.3421.0. The native driver does not have this problem.

Comment by Benjamin Eberlei [ 04/Jan/14 ]

Steve Müller There is a known problems sections in the docs, we should mention it there. And then also mention this problem to the SQL Server team I guess.

Comment by Steve Müller [ 04/Jan/14 ]

Benjamin Eberlei I am currently fixing the functional test suites for the SQL Server drivers and will add that to the docs. Also I will skip the BlobTests for pdo_sqlsrv then for now. I think (according to the link I provided) the SQL Server team is already aware of that. It seems they haven't released a new version for quite a long time. But I will see if I can ping them again on this.

Comment by Steve Müller [ 04/Jan/14 ]

btw: See: http://sqlsrvphp.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest#pdo_sqlsrv/pdo_stmt.cpp and search for "// TODO: This will eventually be changed to SQLSRV_PHPTYPE_STREAM when output streaming is implemented.". Then you know why varbinary/lob binding does not work.

Comment by Martin Weise [ 06/Jan/14 ]

Hi @all

Sorry for the long delay, but the project I am working on, did not update Doctrine for a long time and I started with a the latest version on another project only a month ago. Therefore I could not provide any further feedback and due the fact, that there were some Xmas things going on...

Anyway, it seems that the reason for this 'bug' is found. Is there anything I can do to help you ?

Comment by Steve Müller [ 06/Jan/14 ]

Martin Weise There is nothing you can do about when using pdo_sqlsrv. We added a notice to the docs to stick with sqlsrv if possible instead and skipped the BLOB related tests in the test suite. See: https://github.com/doctrine/dbal/commit/637ef6a1826a6937a5ab4fc4c73b8ede46732a73

Comment by Steve Müller [ 06/Jan/14 ]

I will close this for now as we cannot fix this driver bug. This might be reopended as soon as Microsoft fixes the bug in a newer version and we maybe can handle it properly.

Comment by Martin Weise [ 07/Jan/14 ]

Ok... Thank you for your help. Hopefully MS will fix this...

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