Release Notes - Doctrine MongoDB ODM - Version 1.0.0BETA2 - HTML format


  • [MODM-20] - SINGLE_COLLECTION inheritance does not work
  • [MODM-29] - Persisting changes ordering of elements in embedded collection in some cases
  • [MODM-51] - Strange issue with @File annotation
  • [MODM-52] - Changes of nested embedded collection are not persisted
  • [MODM-56] - @PreUpdate & EmbedMany
  • [MODM-57] - The SchemaManager::createDocumentDB/createDatabases
  • [MODM-59] - Exception: "The given document has no identity." when findOne query returns none from a MongoGridFs
  • [MODM-61] - GridFs file is stored incorrectly after two flushes
  • [MODM-62] - PHP warning when array is replaced with ArrayCollection: array_udiff_assoc(): Argument #2 is not an array
  • [MODM-63] - More errors when persisting gridfs files
  • [MODM-65] - EmbeddedDocument - Incorrect assignment of special field names on save
  • [MODM-66] - Bug when persisting referenced collection
  • [MODM-70] - Updates of documents after read
  • [MODM-74] - lifecycleCallbacks are not inherited from mappedSuperclass in yaml mapping
  • [MODM-75] - mappedSuperclass and embedded document not working with yaml mapping
  • [MODM-79] - Referenced and Embedded document duplicates are inserted
  • [MODM-80] - Changeset for embedded documents calculates to an unnecessary pullAll() and pushAll() in some cases.
  • [MODM-81] - No reference to a loaded document if proxy id = document id
  • [MODM-84] - prePersist and postPersist called twice
  • [MODM-85] - Saving a array over the top of a PersistentCollection results in duplicated data
  • [MODM-87] - get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, array given
  • [MODM-88] - Selecting a subset of properties and then flushing causes database corruption
  • [MODM-89] - CLONE -UnitOfWork incorrectly updates all documents with embedded documents on flush
  • [MODM-90] - UnitOfWork incorrectly flushes certain documents with embedded documents on first flush
  • [MODM-91] - Document unnecessarily persisted when embedded documents have null properties
  • [MODM-92] - Changing all data in embedMany collections can create duplicate embedded objects
  • [MODM-93] - YAML and XML mapping drivers ignore discriminatorField and discriminatorMap
  • [MODM-95] - Persisting a document that had embedded documents prior to being removed results in a document with no embedded documents
  • [MODM-97] - FindAndModify does not return an object
  • [MODM-106] - $in fails on document identifiers
  • [MODM-107] - Document Manager does not delete References
  • [MODM-110] - QueryBuilder missing values and values with wrong data types being inserted
  • [MODM-111] - Trouble with MappedSuperclass/Single collection inheritance and commit 2e8071a4dc68b027f969
  • [MODM-113] - No options for update queries ?
  • [MODM-114] - wrong method call in Cursor class
  • [MODM-119] - "strategy" property in @Field annotation is not recognized
  • [MODM-121] - a call of unknown method "setIdentifierValues" in UnitOfWork class
  • [MODM-123] - Single Collection Inheritance : hydration won't work properly


  • [MODM-101] - Following documentation still does not produce a working bootstrap.
  • [MODM-126] - lessThanOrEq() renamed in lte()


  • [MODM-55] - Extract SchemaManager from DocumentManager
  • [MODM-58] - Update Collection API
  • [MODM-77] - Add "addToSet" strategy for collections / embedMany / referenceMany
  • [MODM-86] - Order of keys in embedded document need to be enforced
  • [MODM-99] - ODM tests drop all collections from all databases on the MongoDB server
  • [MODM-112] - [PATCH] Allow Hydrator classes to be regenerated only if they are absent
  • [MODM-118] - rename "load" method in Proxy object to "__load__"

New Feature

  • [MODM-54] - New console commands
  • [MODM-68] - port EntityGenerator to DocumentGenerator
  • [MODM-69] - implement commands to generate documents
  • [MODM-72] - New property 'options' in Annotations
  • [MODM-94] - $or operator


  • [MODM-100] - XmlDriver and "discriminatorMap" for "EmbedMany"

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