Release Notes - Doctrine MongoDB ODM - Version 1.0.0BETA1 - HTML format


  • [MODM-32] - dbref $id persisted as string instead of objectid
  • [MODM-33] - Class-level annotations are ignored if set on MappedSuperclass
  • [MODM-34] - Custom Id always gets sent with changeset
  • [MODM-35] - Proxy item gets reset on persistent collection load if that item was in the collection
  • [MODM-36] - Embedded relations are not persisted after a flush()
  • [MODM-37] - Problems with EmbedMany and discrimatorMap and discriminatorField
  • [MODM-38] - Using YAML description with embedMany causes PHP notice error
  • [MODM-41] - Hydration down not work for annotation "@ReferenceMany"
  • [MODM-42] - PersistentCollection fails when working with MongoGridFs
  • [MODM-45] - Doctrine doesn't persist empty objects
  • [MODM-46] - @AlsoLoad annotation causes exception when used together with Embed/Reference annotations
  • [MODM-47] - @AlsoLoad annotation, used on method causes fatal error
  • [MODM-48] - Embedded document changes are ignored if it was empty before
  • [MODM-49] - Getting PHP notice and warning with empty persistent collection
  • [MODM-50] - GridFs file classes don't support inheritance
  • [MODM-93] - YAML and XML mapping drivers ignore discriminatorField and discriminatorMap

New Feature

  • [MODM-43] - Explicit schema migration


  • [MODM-40] - Move value scalarization and comparison to Unit Of Work

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