Release Notes - Doctrine MongoDB ODM - Version 1.0.0ALPHA1 - HTML format


  • [MODM-7] - Fatal error when using a custom repository class in AnnotationDriver
  • [MODM-8] - custom repositories don't work when setting MetadataCacheImpl
  • [MODM-9] - Unexpected: MappedSuperclass private property without annotation becomes persisted
  • [MODM-10] - Missing use statement in UnitOfWork
  • [MODM-93] - YAML and XML mapping drivers ignore discriminatorField and discriminatorMap


  • [MODM-3] - API design
  • [MODM-5] - Make embedding work on objects in a collection inheritance tree
  • [MODM-6] - Error In Documentation


  • [MODM-1] - Using Doctrine\Common\Collections\Collection
  • [MODM-2] - Reconsider the naming
  • [MODM-4] - tweak xml/yml syntax

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