Release Notes - Doctrine Common - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [DCOM-32] - Memcache cache relies on deprecated functions
  • [DCOM-58] - Having class named Entity in the global namespace, interferes with the new annotation reader.
  • [DCOM-78] - ZendDataCache, Can't use method return value in write context
  • [DCOM-85] - GH-81: Add Proxy#__load()
  • [DCOM-97] - phpParser.php and 'use' keyword in anonymous functions


  • [DCOM-59] - ArrayCollection contains function - switch from in_array to foreach
  • [DCOM-66] - Github-PR-55 by shesek: Use stream_resolve_include_path
  • [DCOM-71] - Add save get_class() to Debug Util
  • [DCOM-79] - Move Lifecycle Events into Doctrine\Common\Persistence\Events
  • [DCOM-83] - Rename ComparableInterface
  • [DCOM-84] - Improve Proxy Naming

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