Release Notes - Doctrine DBAL - Version 2.4.2 - HTML format


  • [DBAL-400] - can't add primary key to mysql table after the table is created
  • [DBAL-543] - Oracle DSN pooled option in wrong place of TNS connect descriptor and missing in Oracle PDO driver
  • [DBAL-552] - Colon (":") in field name treats like query parameter
  • [DBAL-558] - Incorrect extracting of placeholder positions from statement
  • [DBAL-583] - [GH-360] Don't add 'NOT NULL' to the 'ALTER TABLE' when that hasn't changed
  • [DBAL-585] - [GH-362] Use quoted column name for alter table
  • [DBAL-586] - [GH-363] Fix MySQL when adding primary key
  • [DBAL-591] - [GH-365] Added existence check before dropping constraints in postgres
  • [DBAL-592] - doctrine:schema:update keeps droping and recreating the same index
  • [DBAL-614] - [GH-378] Update PostgreSqlPlatform.php
  • [DBAL-617] - [GH-380] Fix schema comparison with FK that contain quoted column names.
  • [DBAL-661] - [GH-410] Fix Connection::insert() with empty data given
  • [DBAL-682] - [GH-430] [DBAL-464] Fix dropping primary key with autoincrement column in MySQL
  • [DBAL-689] - [GH-433] Fix binding LOB values in mysqli driver prepared statement
  • [DBAL-691] - [GH-435] [DBAL-400] Fix adding primary key during table alteration in MySQL
  • [DBAL-720] - [GH-456] [DBAL-44] Fix column default value lifecycle
  • [DBAL-742] - [GH-475] Fix column default value introspection in Oracle
  • [DBAL-744] - [GH-477] [DBAL-552] Fix parsing backtick quoted statement fragments in SQLParserUtils
  • [DBAL-747] - [GH-480] [DBAL-558] Fix parsing parameters in quoted text with backslash
  • [DBAL-752] - Fix handling of unsigned integers on Sqlite

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