Release Notes - Doctrine DBAL - Version 2.2.2 - HTML format


  • [DBAL-219] - wrong schema hadTable and getTable return when table name contains quote
  • [DBAL-228] - OCI8Statement' fetchAll method can not do with PDO::FETCH_BOTH
  • [DBAL-237] - schema:update fails when changing from ManyToOne to OneToOne
  • [DBAL-238] - Disable MultipleActiveResultSets in SQL Server (pdo_sqlsrv) not possible
  • [DBAL-240] - SQL Parser Utils trigger error when uing with Type instances
  • [DBAL-245] - [GH-124] Connection quote() ignores returned value from getBindingInfo()


  • [DBAL-384] - Missing TIMESTAMP support

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