Release Notes - Doctrine DBAL - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [DBAL-80] - Connection::_bindTypedValues() error when $types[0] is null
  • [DBAL-84] - Long string fields are being silently changed to 255 characters in the schema
  • [DBAL-88] - MySqlPlatform not escaping table names
  • [DBAL-91] - orm:convert-mapping SchemaException on Postgres reserved words
  • [DBAL-111] - MySQL Driver possibly subject to sql injections with PDO::quote()
  • [DBAL-112] - Sequence alteration does not alter.
  • [DBAL-113] - The Sequence class lacks last value / start value
  • [DBAL-126] - schema-tool creates primary keys as unique constraints
  • [DBAL-134] - Doctrine\DBAL\Connection::query() no logging
  • [DBAL-135] - Index::overrules() does not detect pks overruling unique indexes
  • [DBAL-148] - Foreign key creation fails with MySQL 5.1.54


  • [DBAL-78] - Native support for parameter lists
  • [DBAL-79] - Add Schema\Table::hasPrimaryKey method
  • [DBAL-93] - [ORACLE] Speed improvement of mechanism for limiting query results
  • [DBAL-109] - Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/MySqlPlatform.php is missing test coverage around _getCreateTableSQL method

New Feature

  • [DBAL-12] - Add Doctrine\DBAL\SQLQuery package with simple Query Objects
  • [DBAL-42] - Use column comments for further Doctrine Type Inference
  • [DBAL-45] - Add CLI tool that checks for Reserved Keywords
  • [DBAL-56] - Ship a compatibility wrapper like MDB2
  • [DBAL-107] - Graphviz Schema Visitor
  • [DBAL-123] - Add Ability to Unset SQL Logger in Configuration
  • [DBAL-136] - OCI8 Driver MUST support connections by SERVICE_NAME


  • [DBAL-69] - Varchar definition should automatically switch to CLOB for sizes larger than max varchar length.
  • [DBAL-130] - Add tests for modify limit query functionality

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