Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.4.3 - HTML format


  • [DDC-2624] - ManyToManyPersister fails to handle cloned PeristentCollections
  • [DDC-2962] - [GH-939] [DDC-1985] Order Preservation
  • [DDC-2996] - UnitOfWork::recomputeSingleEntityChangeSet() will not add a new change set
  • [DDC-2997] - [GH-960] allow passing EntityManagerInterface when creating a HelperSet
  • [DDC-2998] - [GH-961] [DDC-2984] Provide TestCase to reproduce bug
  • [DDC-3018] - DQL “NEW” Operator and Literal type "String"
  • [DDC-3033] - Regression in computeChangeSets (ManyToMany relation)
  • [DDC-3038] - [GH-982] Failing Test (since commit 53a5a48aed7d87aa1533c0bcbd72e41b686527d8)
  • [DDC-3041] - [GH-984] Use boolean values for 'unique' attribute


  • [DDC-2984] - Support Custom DBAL types to be used as identifiers
  • [DDC-3076] - [GH-1006] Handling invalid discriminator values

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