Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.5 - HTML format


  • [DDC-2843] - SchemaTool update SQL always contains queries to set default value on columns, even if they haven't changed.
  • [DDC-3033] - Regression in computeChangeSets (ManyToMany relation)
  • [DDC-3152] - Generating methods does not check for existing methods with different case
  • [DDC-3223] - Failing test (get id return string type)
  • [DDC-3343] - `PersistentCollection::removeElement` schedules an entity for deletion when relationship is EXTRA_LAZY, with `orphanRemoval` false.
  • [DDC-3825] - simple_array slush with empty array


  • [DDC-3261] - Bad link in 34.3 Advanced Configuration - Connection Options


  • [DDC-2052] - Custom tree walkers are not allowed to add new components to the query
  • [DDC-2210] - PHP warning in ProxyFactory when renaming proxy file
  • [DDC-3304] - [EntityGenerator] Embeddables properties and methods are broken
  • [DDC-3418] - Indexes not inherited from mapped superclass

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