Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.3.3 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1666] - orphanRemoval does not work with oneToOne: Duplicate entry Error
  • [DDC-2090] - MultiTableUpdateExecutor works incorrect with query cache enabled
  • [DDC-2231] - [GH-546] The EntityManager was not injected in uninitialized proxys which are Obj...
  • [DDC-2243] - Inconsistent PHP Type for "bigint" columns
  • [DDC-2246] - ORM\UnitOfWork::getEntityState() crash when using a new Entity with association composite key
  • [DDC-2282] - [GH-572] Fixed SQLServer ORDER BY problem in paginator CountOutputWalker
  • [DDC-2300] - Xmldriver does not convert the version field to boolean but keeps it as a SimpleXMLElement which breaks serialization
  • [DDC-2310] - Recent changes to DBAL SQL Server platform lock hinting breaks ORM SqlWalker in DQL queries with joins
  • [DDC-2323] - [GH-593] Fix SimpleObjectHydrator behavior when column not exists in fieldMappings, relationMappings and metaMappings
  • [DDC-2340] - Using Criteria matching on non-initialized collections ignore changes made on loaded entities
  • [DDC-2341] - [GH-606] Don't add empty Expr to another one

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