Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.4 - HTML format


  • [DDC-2019] - addOrderBy function incomplete
  • [DDC-2136] - convert-mapping can't create YML from Annotation when Id column is a OneToOne relationship
  • [DDC-2191] - Bug in QueryBuilder::add() method, param $append has no effect for where/having DQL parts
  • [DDC-2328] - [GH-597] use the extended proxy interface in the same namespace
  • [DDC-2345] - convertObjectParameterToScalarValue() raises a notice
  • [DDC-2388] - Zend Optimizer Plus/opcache have overlap in config settings, annotations reader doesn't identify these properly
  • [DDC-2407] - AbstractExporter _getIdGeneratorTypeString does not know about the UUID generator
  • [DDC-2415] - CustomIdGenerator not inherited from MappedSuperclass
  • [DDC-2489] - Missing semicolon in schema update tool, using dump-sql argument
  • [DDC-3825] - simple_array slush with empty array


  • [DDC-2358] - [GH-621] [doc] adding some more doc and examples for lifecycle event listeners and subscribers


  • [DDC-2186] - PreFlushEventArgs not passed by ClassMetadataInfo::invokeLifecycleCallbacks()
  • [DDC-2359] - ClassMetadataFactory::wakeupReflection() is called twice

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