Release Notes - Doctrine 2 - ORM - Version 2.1.7 - HTML format


  • [DDC-1638] - Inexistant method newInstance in UnitOfWork
  • [DDC-1643] - PersistentCollection should support clone
  • [DDC-1648] - Primary Keys as Foreign Keys - still not working in Reverse Engineering in 2.1.6
  • [DDC-1659] - Clear read only entities
  • [DDC-1678] - When many to many changes but no fields, listeners don't get notified about update.
  • [DDC-1683] - Doctrine\ORM\Query\Expr\Comparison Doesn't handle boolean values properly
  • [DDC-1695] - SQLs for PostgreSQL case sensite tables/fields are wrongly generated
  • [DDC-1745] - [GH-316] Fixes autoloading of generated Annotations
  • [DDC-1763] - Fixing a bug when calling setDiscriminatorMap from multiple sources (ie: from Events::loadClassMetadata and annotation).
  • [DDC-1764] - [GH-326] 2.1.x setDiscriminatorMap fix
  • [DDC-1770] - Select from multiple subclassed entities generates SQL syntax error
  • [DDC-1799] - Doctrine's Reverse Engineering 1-n (one to many) association misunderstood as 1-1 (one to one)
  • [DDC-1801] - PostgreSQL - quoting identifiers also quotes aliases
  • [DDC-1835] - Cloning PersistentCollection affects internal collection of clone source
  • [DDC-1836] - [GH-356] [DDC-1835] Fix clone side effects in PersistentCollection

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